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Ann Coulter: Terrorists with bombs in their foreskin

Filed By Bil Browning | January 09, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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How often does Ann Coulter agree with the ACLU? Of course, since it's Ann, she has to talk about terrorists shoving bombs in their foreskins and up their ass. ("An anus is a good hiding spot!") Like many of our trans friends, Ann has a problem with allowing the full body scans that show all your naughty bits to airport security.

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The ultimate security scan of Ann Coulter would be a form of X-ray crystalography --- and it would prove to the world, once and for all, that Ann Coulter's cunt is carved out of cut glass.

[ * Ok, all you feminists out there --- am I the Devil Incarnate for resorting to a "cunt" joke? Go ahead and insult my tiny, aging, shriveling prick all you want ... * ]

Hi, last-time reader, first time commenter here. Seriously, the whole calling Ann Coulter trans thing is insulting to both transpeople and cis-women. It shouldn't require an explaination but insinuating trans identity as an insult (did you mean it as a compliment?) implies that a trans identity is a negative trait, implying that a woman must be trans because she is strong willed and doesn't meet a specific set of physical traits is offensive to both trans and cis women (duh).
As offensive as Ms. Coulter's writing and punditry may be trans-baiting is still not acceptable.
Between this post, the Ron Gold column, and the frequent transphobic comments the Bilerico Project still has a long way before it can be considered a trans friendly space.
Good luck in the future.

What in the hell are you talking about, Sara Jane? No one said Ann Coutler is trans. Why would they?

(late reply 'cause I just saw this)
I think Sara Jane was referring to this sentence:

"Like many of our trans friends, Ann has a problem with allowing the full body scans that show all your naughty bits to airport security."

I admit I did a double-take at first because the wording of that sentence is easily interpreted as you counting Ann amongst "trans friends", but then I figured that you were just pointing out that she agrees with trans people on the body scans being bad, but didn't intend to say she was trans. The wording is just misleading.

When she said "Even a broken clock is right twice a day," I think she was talking about herself. I actually agreed with what she was saying, sort of, up until that point. But, then the moment passed when she was right about something and she went off into crazy land again.


Thank you so much for sharing this in the report! As a frequently-flying international Muslim, I have no problem with a full body check; security comes first.

But I have to laugh at the title of the item: ..."in their foreskins". Not too many Muslim males, including the terrorists, would still have foreskins!


Brenda Louise | January 11, 2010 10:23 AM

OK, I like to have the security of knowing that there isn't some asshole fixing to blow up the plane I'm on, and I'm all for any needed protection to make that flight secure and safe from terrorists. But along with offering that protection through extensive screening, there will always manage to be an incident that hurts or publicaly embarrasses someone at the inspection site. I have been embarrassed by a smart ass security person, who after looking at the large size of my feet, looked up at me and smirked. I'm a Male to Female Transsexual who was on her way to get a sex change by a Dr. in Miami. I also remember reading about an inspection agent who was waving a Transexual's dialator (A medical name for a special dildo needed to dialate one's neo-vagina on a daily basis in order to guarantee it's desired post surgical interior shape) high above their head in front of a whole bunch of people and declairing, "What's this for". The Transsexual felt embarrassed and humiliated from the insuing gawking and snickers. She tried to file suit aganist the airport security, and unfortunately, it was thrown out of court. My point here is that although this type of security may be needed, the security agents need to be thoroughly trained on Transsexual and Transgender issues and deal with Transfolk using the utmost respect. Those security agents who might think it's open season to disrespect a Transsexual should be held accountable for their actions and fired on the spot. Remember, Barney Fife, the Mayberry deputy who was forbidden to keep his gun loaded and was allowed to carry only one bullet in his shirt pocket.