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Being gay is bad for my health (but not for the reasons you'd think)

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I have not been to the gym since the Prop 8 trial started two weeks ago. I can't even think of going to the gym in the morning when I have to race to San Francisco and go through the security obstacle course at the Federal building - which includes taking off my shoes and jacket, turning my lap top on, going through a metal detector, surrendering my camera, and bending over and coughing. Okay it's not that bad, but close.

Then I take the elevator to the 19th floor, slam my coffee, compliments of Billy the Rockstar, turn on my computer, connect to the network, bring up Twitter, Facebook, AOL, my website, and Word and stake out my territory.

At lunch, I stuff my face with carbs, since the salad bar line is way too long, and then extra carbs to numb out the pain of the tortuous cross-examination. Girlfriend, I'm putting on the pounds!

Today Stinks! Literally!

Being in the court room today feels like sitting in a college statistics class. It's just hella boring. Maybe it's because it's my 40th birthday today and I came to the courtroom instead of getting a massage and doing something even mildly more fun than this today, like getting a root canal for example.

Maybe it's because there is something way too human transpiring in this room today. The overflow room is filled with people and for whatever reason there are terrible odors!! Who the hell keeps farting? What's with the severe body odor and the hacking coughs?

We gay people need some self-care. If you are sick, get into bed and drink plenty of liquids. Bathe - it does a body good. Wash your clothes. Leave the room if you need to pass gas.

Oh shoot, now I'm sneezing.

This may be my last blog for the day, especially since Yes On 8 counsel is now talking about a lesbian who was married to a man and must have enjoyed having sex with him. I don't think I can take listening to argument the Yes On 8 counsel is trying to make.

Just because gay people may have had straight sex, that doesn't mean they are straight. It means that we were straight-curious or hadn't come out yet.

The case will continue Monday and Tuesday and Judge Walker indicated today that the closing arguments will likely be scheduled in February. Marriage Equality USA plans to hold a vigil on the last day of closing arguments. There will also be a rally day of decision which will likely be within 90 days of closing arguments.

In the meantime, send thoughts of equality to Hawaii, Indiana, and New Hampshire where opponents of equality are trying to move us backwards.

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Humans wouldn't be so bad if they didn't smell so much, eh?