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Brit Hume: Tiger Woods should convert to Christianity to get forgiveness

Filed By Bil Browning | January 05, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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FOX news talking head Brit Hume literally says that golfer Tiger Woods needs to convert from Buddhism to Christianity so he can "get forgiveness" for his extra-marital affairs. Maybe FOX can change their slogan to, "Fair, Balanced & Evangelized."

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Angela Brightfeather | January 5, 2010 2:43 PM

Since I am the only person that I can remember who has ever written a posted Bilerico question about where all the gay golfers are in the American golfing world, I feel compelled to say something about Brit Hume's comment and about Tiger Woods.

The "bit by Brit" I am sure is coming from the heart. What I don't understand is why no one at the table asked the really hard question of... So Brit, what religion do you think that Karl Rove should convert to, since he just recently got a quickie divorce from his wife?"

I know, getting a divorce is not like cheating and then getting a divorce, although the outcome is exactly the same in most cases. But there are many forms of cheating. While Tiger may have cheated with another woman, who is to say that Rove's cheating didn't come in the way of his fooling around governement so much and from being such a hypocrite, that his wife felt equally cheated upon when comparing the man she married to the man that was coming home every night from the White House after fronting for and giving advice to a President with an IQ of minus 2 plant life?

One thing that both Tiger and Rove have in common is that they are both lied. Brit doesn't seem to understand that lying is something that spans the differences of most religions. Another question that might have been asked Brit is what religion all those Catholic priests who fondled young children should now join for forgiveness?

But getting back to someone who has stood directly next to him as he tee'd of at the US Open a few years ago in Pinehurst, NC at the hallowed #2 course, I can tell you, point blank, that when he hits the ball it's like nothing I have ever experienced in sports. The man is totally and wholly a fenom of the higest caliber when it comes to golf. He does not hit the ball, he launches it into space so quickly, you are unable to see it until it bounces down the fairway, 300+ yards away. It is awesome to see.

Tiger Woods is simply the best there is and he will break the record of Nicklaus. I love Jack almost as much as the close freinds I have golfed with all my life, but his time has gone as has mine on a competitive level, and Tiger now stands in his place and will be equally hard to beat, except when comparing their family lives. And yet, I do not ever remember Jack thanking God for his 18 majors or his great life as a golfer. He thanks his hard work and his fans and Tiger has enough of both of those to go around and carry him on to new victories.

When trying to express the reasons for Tiger cheating on such a beautiful wife with so many other women, it's not hard at all. Frankly I don't know if he really needs that much forgiving.

Every day millions of men like Tiger come home from work or from play and are greeted with the oft repeated phrase, "where have you been?"

If you ask any married couple that I know, how many times over a 30 year period that the husband has told the wife that she looks beautiful, or sexy, or lovely, most couples would respond with hundreds of times....lost count a long time ago....all the time.

Now ask the same couple how many times in the last 30 years of their marriage, the wife has said that the husband looks dashing, handsome, virile or sexy. How much do you want to bet that the answer to that is zero...or they can't recall.

Now add one billion dollars to that and the fact that every time that Tiger walks into a bar, spa, nightclub or place of entertainment with his buddies, about 40 beautiful women come up to him and offer to have his next baby.

Finally add the fact that his wife who swings a mean 3 iron, most probably needs some lessons on anger management herself. I'd hate to see her reaction if Tiger spilled the gravy boat on her tablecloth, or left the toilet seat up in the bathroom. Frankly if I was Tiger I could not sleep at night unless I had all the knives removed
from the estate first.

I'm very sorry Brit, but under those conditions, any married man is going to bite the big red apple or at least do so in his mind if not giving in to it physically. When your a star like Tiger and on one side of your life your beyond rich, an institution, you have a ripped body and your uncommonly handsome...and on the other side your being asked about where you've been every time you step out of the house and you feel unwanted and unpraised for your accomplishments, I can't think of a better way to establish a reason for a person to get fed up with it all and throw caution to the wind.

What Tiger should ask for forgiveness for is breaking the three, iron clad, rules of cheating.
1.) Never do it close to home. (Out of country is usually best)
2.) Never do it with anyone who is less attractive to you than what you have at home.
3.) Don't seek it openly and make sure that it practically bites you on the ass before giving in.

Following those three cardinal rules, most husbands that I know stay straight on course with their marriages. But because Tiger apparently cannot live by those rules, he now suffers the consequences of having people like Brit Hume telling him what kind of religion he should convert to in order to be forgiven.

Hume, get a life and stop living other people's lives, let alone advising them on what religion they should join!! I can guarantee you that husbands who stray are of every religious background and their religion is hardly ever a part of the equation in deciding to cheat. Just ask Governor Sanford or a cast of many conservative husbands who you know in DC that sit in the Congress, but conduct "special briefings" in their hotel rooms or condo's in DC.

Tiger will win the Master's this year, and Brit, try and keep your religion out of politics and sports and go home to your wife, who by the way, wants to know exactly where you have been and what you have been doing all day.

:::sigh::::just more from the right wing theocrats

Isn't Brit's spot supposed to be about politics? WTF is he doing talking about a golfer anyway? Last time I looked our political system was driven by the U.S. Constitution, not any kind of religion. Why is he talking about religion? Is his guilt about driving his gay son to suicide making him talk off topic?

Angela, Are you on Nike's Payroll? Seriously!