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Church protest

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"What hurt me more than what he said is how the congregation yelled and agreed with him. It showed me that people that don't even know me hate me just because of my sexuality."

--Jon Mack, who walked out of a DC church last week with his partner during a homophobic sermon

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This sounds so familiar. Not too long ago I was listening to a famous TV preacher (won't say his name, but I will say that he is my family's current favorite TV preacher --- oh Lord, deliver me! ...), and after preaching about marriage and adultery for several minutes, with total silence from the audience, he then turned to how proper family life "requires the presence of one man and one woman" (my paraphrase) and suddenly he was getting rousing applause from his in-studio audience! Of course, it was a thinly veiled attack against gay marriage.

It's both a matter of politics in the church pulpit, as well as an instance of "I'm glad you're willing to tell those people over there how terrible they are, but please don't tell us how terrible we are."

Truth is, no one I know of is asking his particular church for gay marriage --- the GLBT community is asking the government for that, and that makes it a separate civil issue. His church can do whatever it wants.

I also have the choice of turning the TV off. And I did.