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Crazy tea baggers and liberal blogger friends

Filed By Jerame Davis | January 04, 2010 3:30 PM | comments

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Friend of the blog, Abdul Hakim Shabazz, is a conservative radio pundit, blogger and part-time stand-up comedian (no, seriously - he teaches college part-time too.) His show, Abdul in the Morning is on WXNT radio and his blog is Indiana Barrister.

Anyway, back in December, Abdul and I had a lively back and forth on Twitter about some Democratic politics stuff, wherein he suggested I would make a great DJ due to my excellent spinning abilities. A week or so later, he asked if Bil and I would be willing to come on the show after the new year - he needed to "liberal up" and he thought were just the tax-and-spend, free-the-prisoners, dirty-hippy, save-the-whales type he was looking to have on the show. We couldn't argue with that, so we accepted the invitation.

Today, our good friend (and fellow Hoosier blogger) Chris Worden along with Bil and me were invited to the show as Abdul's "liberal blogger friends" during the 7AM-8AM hour. We debated everything from healthcare to kissing cousins to toll roads - and it got rowdy. One caller responds to Bil's use of the term "teabagger" with a rant that ends in him calling liberals (or at least gay ones) "pole smokers" (it got bleeped on the air and cut out of the podcast, though.)

Just 4 days into the new year and we're already doing our part to piss off the conservatives. It's looking like it may be a good year! Link to listen after the jump.

Abdul's Liberal Blogger Friends

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It amazes me how you can manage to use the word "teabagger" in a purely pejorative and wholly pedantic sense whilst simultaneously feeling it necessary to point out that said "teabagger" referred to queer liberal statists as "pole smokers"

So much so in fact, that should someone click the podcast link and be spared his juvenile mud-slinging, you felt it necessary to put it back on the record.

Way to take the high road.

Irony - FTW.

That was so much fun. It's not often I get called a "pole smoker" before 7:30 in the morning.

We rarely do these joint appearances - the last one was, what?, early 2007? We should do them more often. It's always a blast when we do it.

Hey Allison, start walking on hot bricks with us. You get a thicker skin.

The caller(s) and Allison have a point. If one of the conservative listeners had called in and started saying: "I have a question for the three pole smokers..." you would have immediately cried foul and discounted anything that caller would have said, even if they had a valid point.

Calling conservatives "teabaggers" puts them on the defensive immediately and eliminates any credibility you have. Progress on issues is gained more quickly through respectful dialog.


They called themselves "teabaggers." They set up a website about teabaggers that was roundly mocked. They dipped huge teabags in rivers and lakes. The news - print, online, radio and television - called them teabaggers (while also mocking them for the name).

They chose the name. Now they have to live with it.

Agreed. I've NEVER called myself a pole smoker nor have I ever heard of a queer group calling themselves that (at least not seriously.) The teabaggers called themselves that until they realized how much they were being mocked for it's more prurient meaning.

They're still called teabaggers on Maddow and Olbermann and several other MSM sources.

The notion that calling a group that calls THEMSELVES teabaggers, teabaggers is somehow insulting or lacking in credibility is just not in keeping with sound logic.

That's like finding out that giving someone a Kevin is a slang term for a sexual act - should I stop calling Kevin, Kevin just because I know it means something sexual in another context?

Teabaggers are a specific group - not all right wing conservatives. Teabaggers has a context and a meaning - just like birthers (who happen to overlap the teabaggers considerably.)

Teabaggers believe in magic government that can provide all necessary services while its budget is slashed and taxes are cut. They believe socialism and fascism can exist, simultaneously, in the same government (that whole socialism being the far LEFT and fascism being the far RIGHT doesn't matter a whit.)

Besides, Bil never called a single caller a teabagger, he referred to teabaggers (and other right wing groups) in one of his responses. Clearly the caller was self-identifying with the teabagger group, but didn't like the connotations the name that group gave themselves. He needs to take that up with the Republican hacks who thought it was a cute name - not us.

twinkie 1 cat | January 11, 2010 12:28 AM

In Louisiana they are called Tea Partiers after the Boston Tea Party. One day this week there was a whole article on the front page of the South Louisiana (Most papers call this Metro)section of the Advocate (Baton Rouge not the gay paper)where the head of the Baton Rouge chapter defended her organization and claimed that they did not form JUST to oppose Obama. She also said the different groups of Tea Partiers are not connected nor run by a "puppetmaster" (her word). I thought that was a little strange since groups came to Baton Rouge from 60-100 miles away to demonstrate at Sen. Mary Landrieu's office in church vans. I also saw clearly that most of the demonstrators were white people of retirement (Medicare) age. Oh, she also claimed that the pictures we saw locally were from "other places". Strange how they were at rallies held by Louisiana congresspeople, if they were from other places! Anyone can find the article on It was in the paper sometime between January 4-7,2010.

The scariest part to me is that the head of the Baton Rouge Tea Party is A FEMALE ARCHITECT IN HER TWENTIES. When our youth are thinking like this we have trouble. Back in the day the hippies' motto was, "Don't trust anyone over 30". In other words, the conservatives were going to go away soon. But when your youth are far right they are just coming into power even though the right has been ruining America already since Jimmy Carter was pushed out of office by the fake Christians of the Religious Right.