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Disunity brewing within Tea Party?

Filed By Donna Pandori | January 27, 2010 1:30 PM | comments

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The Tea Party Convention slated to take place next month in Nashville appears to be unraveling. Two major Tea Party supporters, National Precinct Alliance and American Liberty Alliance, have withdrawn their support for the convention. The Tea Party is losing "Tea Bags" as it were. This doesn't bode well for a grassroots movement that is seeking to recapture America.

What is souring the tea? According to Tea Party activists a major source of contention is the convention is being hijacked "for profit".

TPM's Zachary Roth on The Rachel Maddow Show: 'There's Never Been Some Sort of Original, Pure Tea Party Movement that Was Absolutely Free From the Taint of Politics and Corporate Money'

Video after the jump.

Chris Weigant wrote an interesting piece over at the Huffington Post about the Tea Party phenomenon. In his article, "Taking Tea Partiers Seriously", he relates -

The Tea Party movement is a loose collection of some very disparate causes, who have banded together politically for now, but who also risk being torn apart at any moment by disagreements between factions.

Anyone who laughs at this description really shouldn't -- because it could just as well be applied to the Democratic Party on any given day.

Dissecting the makeup of the Tea Partiers is hard to do, given their nascent status as an emerging political movement -- one that may well coalesce into an actual third political party, if its factions don't self-immolate and descend into fratricidal squabbling.

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