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Do you want cameras in the court room for the Prop 8 trial?

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Do you want cameras in the court room for the Prop 8 trial? If you do you better get out your paper and pen and a stamp. (You know, those old fashioned things your parents used to send mail in envelopes.) Anyway, US District Court Judge Vaughn Walker is trying to decide whether or not to allow cameras in the court room for this landmark case.

Our opponents are desperate to keep the proceedings as secretive as possible and are opposed to allowing television inside. Our side realizes the importance of the case and wants the world to watch.

If you value transparency in our public courts, and are interested in allowing cameras in the court room, send a snail mail letter to:

Hon. Phyllis Hamilton
Chair of the Rules Committee
United States Courthouse
1301 Clay Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Hon. Vaughn Walker
Chief Judge
United States Courthouse
450 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

Letters are due Friday, January 8, so don't procrastinate. Our opponents are no doubt flooding the judges with comments.

UPDATE: The Courage Campaign e-mailed a link to an online letter you can sign. They are collecting signatures to hand deliver to the judge. I highly suggest you mail your own letter as well, but if you aren't sure what a stamp is, sign here:

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Can I still type up the letter on the computer and print it out? Or is that too new-fangled for your old envelope and stamp method? :)