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Fauxmosexual Celesbian

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It's tough to stand out these days. With more and more celebrities and celebrity wannabes, provocative behavior is becoming integral to any fame-seeker's career pursuits. Some have to sneak into the White House to get airtime, but if you are a pretty young thing, you can try making out with another girl and becoming a fauxmosexual celesbian to get noticed.

-- Mike Albo in an Advocate article Gay Until Publication Date

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Let me just get this out of the way: I hate the word 'celesbian'. 'Fauxmosexual' is almost as bad.

I'm just as concerned about co-opting as the next queer, but why are we so quick to judge? Tila Tequila, for all her faults (and apparently, she's had a very rough life), is a lesbian who just had her fiancé wrenched from life. She may have marketed her relationship, but at least she was honest about it. How many celebs don't market their sexuality?

As far as celebs who seem straight and play gay, well, sometimes they turn out to be gay or bi. Regardless, instead of calling them names, why not start a campaign and insist that if they're going to use homo sex to get attention, they'd better put their money where their mouths are, and support gay rights and gay causes. Loudly, and with cash.

"Tila Tequila, for all her faults (and apparently, she's had a very rough life), is a lesbian...'

The last I heard, she actually self IDs as bisexual. Not lesbian.
Two different sexual orientations and something that the greater umberella ella ella of the LGBTQRXYandZ's bisexual letter of the community, has verbally over and over again tried to make visible within THE "community". Bisexual is bisexual.

Regarding Mike Albo's OP in the Advocate I think he has a VERY legitimate point. The "celesbian" and "fauxmosexual" of celebrityland is about as REAL as Disneyland.

The majority of the LGBTQRXYandZ's don't live in Disneyland.
Which is exactly the problem w/many celebrities.
They do!