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Five Fab Flickr Finds

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Hijra in Karachi, which seemed appropriate after the discussions we got into this past week on TBP. The photographer says he asked permission and paid money to take this picture, making them professional models.

Hijras in Karachi, Pakistan - March 2008

A poster for Same-Sex Hand-Holding Day 2007. I remember a few of those from college.

Emory Spring 2007 557

This person has quite a few genderqueer pictures up on hir photostream. Most are more femme, but I liked the caption here:

This is what I consider boy even though everything but the shoes is from the womens side of the aisle. I call it boy. A. thinks its girly. What is your take?

Jasper on Alabama Street : Tranny Politics Part

Here's the opposite; the caption says that only the boots were from the women's aisle. The T-shirt says "Queering the South."

284/365: Out Gay Warrior

There's no caption to explain this one, so maybe the intention wasn't queer at all. The female heads on male torsos with the U-Haul in the background, though....


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The individual in the third pic is somewhat well known, and their presence here should provoke at least some conversation given they almost singlehandedly sparked a blog war over who is and who isn't trans.

RE: Last image

The female heads on male torsos with the U-Haul in the background, though....

What? ... I see some naked mannequins with flat chests, but I don't see any with male genitals or the amorphous protrusions that sometimes suggest them.

I think we can exercise a bit of care to discriminate between an image being queer or simply quirky or weird ... although those words used to mean about the same. This image might have come out of a Fellini movie ... and in my book Fellini was more quirky/weird than queer.

PS: "Right on!" shout-out to the hot brutha in image #3!

PPS: Damn! I can't count! ... image #4, I mean.

("Peace!" to the dude in image #3 ... but he doesn't do that much for me ...)