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Found on Youtube: "She Was Never He" by Boy George

Filed By Austen Crowder | January 03, 2010 1:30 PM | comments

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Tags: boy george, Culture Club, she was never he

I've always been a fan of Boy George. Mind you, I kinda missed the Culture Club boat by a few years, but looking back I do like his music quite a bit.

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I have to admit that was a great song. I was never a big Culture Club fan when they were around. I was still deep in the closet and into punk when they were popular. Besides, the radio played "Karma Chameleon" ad nauseum for so long when it was popular that I eventually learned to hate them just because I was sick of that song.

This was the first thing I'd ever heard from Boy George as a solo artist and it was great. Completely unlike what I expected. I think perhaps some research is in order here.

Jerame is a huge fan of Culture Club. Me? Not so much.

When I got my Commodore 64, one of it's features was that it could play Karma Chameleon in some software or another. I always remember that song because of the tinny computer version it would play.

I didn't know about this song by the Boy until you posted this video. I did a search on the song and it's from a 2002 album I knew nothing about until now.

Here's some information from wikipedia:

I hope George has better days in the near future and that he'll return to music and performance.

PS: I like his solo stuff better than CC.

ShipofFools | January 25, 2010 5:05 PM

Wow, I have heard the song before but didn't listen to the text. Thanks for the reminder--