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Kissing cousins, the Oval Office, and Avatar's transphobia

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Yyyyeah, that last one's a real stretch. I'm all for raising trans awareness, but that person referred to in the link is wasting her time.

I'm surprised Queerty picked up the Avatar story. The original criticism is pretty obviously a joke. They use random protest pictures and claim that they are protests of the film. I know that for a fact because one of them is a picture from a day of silence march that I helped organize.

Besides that, the explanation is almost purposefully weak, and I wouldn't be surprised if she's conflating sexual orientation and trans status on purpose and using this as an experiment to see if anyone will take such an incredibly stupid and unreasoned argument seriously.

"an experiment to see if anyone will take such an incredibly stupid and unreasoned argument seriously."

Unfortunately, the bar for arguments has been lowered so much over the past couple of decades that I totally failed to see that it wasn't real. Whoops!

err Tobi,

Reading comments from far too many TG "spokespersons" leave me almost always feeling I fell through the looking glass. In fact, given the things I see TGs say I am not convinced this wasn't feels like it to me and that's the sad thing about this. If it was a put on, it's dead on.

I suppose the kicker for me is the claim that people are protesting Avatar alongside a six year old photo of my friends marching in the day of silence. Still, half the comments are about whether it's trolling or not, and the only folks taking it seriously are taking it way too seriously -- unrealistically so. It might be believable in it's own way, but that's what makes it good trolling. It's like internet hoaxes like bonsai kittens -- horrifically unbelievable but still get thousands of people to take it seriously.

You're right though, it does remind me a bit of some TG activists, just as well as it reminds me of some feminist activists, some racial justice activists, some environmentalist activists, and more then just some anarchists. When I see it earnestly, unlike in this situation, I think it's more about a sense of idealism, latching onto a new idea when you don't know the whole context, and a determined desire for purity of dogma.

I don't disagree with you that it's a failing some transgender activists have, but it's certainly not unique to the population.

If you haven't figured this out yet, it has zero to do with Avatar, and everything to do with Queerty trying to ridicule transpeople and how "serious" and "unreasonable" they are. It's the typical Glen Beck tactic of... "look at this person, aren't they a nut... tell me why to reinforce my assumptions about them."