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File this under Theater of the Sexually Absurd: the prayerful cranks at Exodus have made up their own version of PFLAG. They're using this alleged "PFOX" group to pull a PR stunt: claiming that Disney's gay-friendly policies discriminate against so-called ex-gays. Another cynical right-wing ploy to garner media attention and distract the public from dialogues about gay rights.

Every time I hear the term "ex-gay" I think about Monty Python's ex-parrot. Ex my ass. You can't cure something that wasn't a disease in the first place

A controversial group is asking Walt Disney Co. (DIS) shareholders to vote for a proposal to adopt non-discrimination language against "ex-gays" at the company's annual meeting in March. Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, or PFOX, says Disney's exclusion of "ex-gay" language from the company's employment policies and diversity training discriminates against those who choose to "leave" homosexuality, according to a preliminary filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

PFOX says Disney's policies supports gays, lesbians, and bisexuals but excludes support of ex-gays. The Group says the addendum is necessary because "ex-gays and their supporters are subject to an increasingly hostile environment because they live out or support a different view of homosexuality," according to the filing.


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For clarity's sake, PFOX is more a wacky cousin to Exodus than its offspring. Richard Cohen served as its president for a spell. Exodus VP Randy Thomas has written that he opposes the PFOX action re:Disney.

What are the so-called "ex-gays" afraid of being discriminated for...being straight?

Yes, if they moan and bellyache about being discriminated against for being "ex-gay" then that invites many of us to make similar noises since we might be "ex-straight".

Actually, the term "sexual orientation" ought to cover all the various current flavors and former flavors --- but these people are obviously looking for media attention. How absurd!

A.J., you are right. Nondiscrimination laws in regards to sexuality do protect ex-gays as well. They are free to do all the things that gays are under those laws, such as:

-not being denied employment/fired based on the gender of one's partner(s)
-having the right to not be refused service in public spaces based on the gender of their partner(s)

These things really aren't big issues for ex-gays, because, as you say, ex-gay=straight (according to themselves). But, I don't think that what ex-gays are looking for is protection from discrimination. Most of the time, what they want is the ability to harass or discriminate against LGBT/queer people. But, if an ex-gay were facing legitimate discrimination based on the fact that they weren't attracted to the same sex (the idea is pretty bizarre, but...) they would be protected under laws that bar discrimination based on sexual orientation. Ironically, the sort of legal protections ex-gay groups are generally so against actually would protect them if they were really discriminated against. There have, in fact, been court cases to this effect. Nondiscrimination laws protect ex-gays from discrimination, but they do not let ex-gays discriminate and hate on others. And that's exactly how it should be.

I love it how the ex-gays want to not be gay so much that they haunt LGBT websites, follow LGBT politics (as spoilers), ask for the same protections as LGBT people, and talk about how much they love us. It's almost as if, you know, they were us - albeit the socially-awkward-self-loathing among us...

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | January 24, 2010 8:53 AM

I dunno, Bil. Seems like one of those "slippery slopes" to me, If you're going to limited letting just "ex"-gays have their own protections, what about people who say that can't be fulfilled in their lives if they just have a single "ex"-status involved"? Similar to those zillions of polyamorous groups the fundies claim are taking over Boston suburbs, likely to demand legal status at any moment, those who are ex-ex-gays are waiting for their moment in the sun. Close benind are the triple-ex folks, and so on ad infinitum ad nauseum. If God had really intended us to have had multiple flip-flop protections, she would have mass-produced Mitt Romney.

Don't ex gays have other names?
Like Bisexual or straight?
One class is protected and the other is identified as a class without need for protection