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NOM Loves Scott Brown

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You know, I simply could not put my heart into the Coakley race. Not again. And... it was a sure win. I was tired - no more for now. My kids needed my time, my wife, heck, my dog was looking at me like, hey, we used to walk in the woods. Remember me? It was time to settle at home, be happy being a housewife.


Nope. Scott Brown, a conservative nightmare that makes Mitt Romney look good, is closing in. Seems NOM (National Organization for Marriage, as in only boys and girls) is making robo calls for Mr. Brown.


You know I can take this sitting down. Well, actually, I am sitting down but I have also given a couple of interviews.

That Sara Whitman is in fact me. I am the Chair of Mass Equality. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

Yup. Going viral with this. The guy is a right winger and runs around showing how he drives a truck in his ads. Nice truck but that doesn't make you a blue collar worker, bub.

He's a nightmare and it shouldn't be this close. It is and all we can do is get voters to the polls because I believe in my heart that Massachusetts would never elect someone like this.

Not for Kennedy's seat. Not for Kerry's seat. Not ever.

Spread the word. Please.

My heart is gone again. I won't breathe until Tuesday night when we win. And if we don't? Kiss health care reform goodbye. Kiss anything progressive goodbye - it's the swing vote. It will make Obama's re-election a mountain climb.

In the fabulous words of Soul II Soul, "Back to Life, Back to Reality..."

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Give 'em hell, girl!

I was in Boston yesterday, Sarah, discussing this with friend and putting money where my heart is.

In a very real sense, if Brown wins, Obama becomes a lame duck. We all need to help.

Gah! I absolutely ADORE & LOVE Massachusetts.

My partner/gf was born and raised there. I go there every other month and everyone my partner loves and adores is FROM Massachusetts.

But as a Californian/10yrs in Alsaka outsider... the State of MA got lazy. They are so use to filling in the first letter Roality "K" vote... I personally think they lost touch. No other State has that legacy.

Massechuetians don't like hearing that. I know.

I have had many an argument w/them to say that.

But the MA legacy has died. It's all gone.

The GOOD NEWS is that even if Brown wins this time... it's not permanent. He can't come back. Mass can recollect and get Coakly in for the long term.

I haven't heard a recording of the robocall yet, but when I saw you say you were THE Sara Whitman, I thought they were mentioning you in the robocall! :)

While Indiana might be hickish in a lot of ways, one of the good things here is that robocalls are forbidden. You have to have a live person on the other end from beginning to end. Those are quite a bit more expensive to put out and most candidates skip them. A lot of advocacy groups will do robocalls for issues or candidates and they always get mentioned in the newspaper and a fine from the Attorney General.

Listen, Brown cannot win. We are screwed on so many levels.

I agree that MA dems got very lazy with this- lost a 30 point lead to a guy who posed nude in a magazine. but you don't understand, the Kennedy's are still the Kennedy's. I'm not originally from here (been here 25 years), and I have never quite understood the Kennedy thing here.

no, bil, the didn't mention me in the robocall. and I wish we had that law- I literally am getting calls about once an hour at this point. some people, some robo. the kids find it quite amusing.

snow today. messy roads. cross your fingers and hope for sun tomorrow. we get 50% of the registered voters out? we win. we don't? we're scrwed.

Don't that beat all. Right when my girlfriend and I are about to move to Mass. I work in Boston and Sunday driving home from work all i saw were Brown signs even in Attelboro that's all i saw. Hell we live in RI and all i see is Brown TV ads. Is Coakley even alive?

Waiting apprehensively in R I, hoping for the best, rooting for an AG, which I have very mixed feelings about. I very much hope Martha prevails, however. There is way too much at stake.

But, but, but, but... how can you think Brown's anti-gay? NOM's robo-calling for him, but that means nothing! Implying that he's a homophobe is a slur!

Haha, just remembered GOProud's press release on this. Hope Coakley wins!