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The other day Jerame and I were talking about Neil Patrick Harris' three part web video, "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog," and how many people mentioned it when voting for him as's Gay Man of the Decade.

While we'd both seen bits and pieces of it here and there, we'd never watched the entire thing from beginning to end. I went looking about and found out that it's a little difficult to find easily.

Sure, it's on YouTube, but each act is broken up into two or more videos. It's on Vimeo, but by different uploaders and of various qualities. Even the Dr. Horrible website sends potential viewers to Hulu - who doesn't have it available anymore.

What's a Neil Patrick Harris fan to do?! As a favor to the online community, I've combined all three videos in one handy place. Fret no more, they're after the jump. Enjoy.

(Neil, if you'd like to thank me personally for this huge undertaking, feel free to call me direct.)

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You hadn't seen Dr. Horrible until now? If you had any geek cred before, you've certainly lost it now.

But you've only had part of the experience. In addition to the usual sorts of extra features on the DVD, there is a commentary track that is, in fact, another entire musical -- Commentary! If you google "Commentary the Musical" you can find the youtube clips.)

And you haven't lived till you've been through a standing room only showing with a few hundred people singing along. It's this millenium's Rocky Horror.

Hey - I just hadn't seen all of it in order. :)

you can also get it on Netflix

Yeah, part of what Whedon did on purpose was remove the easy access to the show online after a certain period. This, in turn, was meant to get people to actually pay for the content, which is well worth it if you ask me.

NPH in a Joss Whedon work. There can be no wrong there. And I second Phoebe's remark that you've lost all geek cred for waiting so long to see this.

It was this video series—I saw it within minutes of its debut—that made me fall in love with NPH. Get in line.

Thank You, Thank You, Three Bags Full!

I'm glad to watch these again and have them load smoothly.

Tennesse Tuxedo | January 18, 2010 9:47 AM