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Remember Chris Crocker?

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I was surfing to avoid working, and looking up random videos. I came across a beautiful young trans woman talking about the kind of hate speech that has been employed against her. Some people said they wanted to kill her. Amazing how much hate there is in the world. It took me a minute or two to realize - it's Chris Crocker! From the Britney video that was all over the place two years ago. O-M-G! I knew this was ripe for a weekend post. Videos after the jump. You go, girl!

First, here's the original:

Here's Chris on "The Boy Or Girl Question":

And here's Chris to say no to trans bashing.

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"Remember Chris Crocker?"


battybattybats battybattybats | January 10, 2010 9:25 PM

Thats very cool.

Chris also did a wonderful video on bisexuality


More power to Chris, but I just cringe every time her on YouTube. The diva attitude and inane ramblings just grate on my nerves. A lot of times I wish she'd just shut her mouth and go away gracefully since she's not a good spokesperson for our community.

I love Chris Crocker. She's brave, sweet, and fucking hilarious. She can be a spokesperson for my community any time she damn well wants to.

Really? You don't think she's a bad image to put in front of the public? The lack of a coherent vocabulary and the constantly wrong use of big words really annoys the hell out of me. Maybe it's just me, but she seems so ignorant that it grates my nerves to watch her.

Bil, sure it's her vocabulary and not her gender variance and flaming disregard for what others think of her which has you uncomfortable? Maybe she's not speaking for your community. I would imagine she's speaking for herself or what she views as HER community. No one's going to mistake Chris Crocker for Madame Curie, but I'd rather hear what she has to say than many of the "spokespeople" who regularly represent "our" community (which I find increasingly hard to identify as "my community").

I haven't watched many of her videos, so I haven't noted the problem. (I wonder if Chris prefers "her" or "him" or "ze" or what?) But I don't have a problem with lack of a coherent vocabulary and the constantly wrong use of big words. If I did, I would have to hate most of my students and teaching would feel like a huge chore. I feel like it's my job to help them, and I see their verbal bellyflops as kind of like cute awkward puppies banging into everything. So same with Chris, I guess.

The divaness grates on me a little as well (which is why I don't usually watch Chris's videos), but I do admire her spirit and bravery. I don't know if she intends to be a spokesperson (YouTube tends to blur those lines quite a bit), but she's still just 22 and has a lot of growing to do. It'll be interesting to see where she is in ten years.

Too funny. When my gender has been challenged I've actually used the line "I'm more man than you'll ever be and more woman than you'll ever have.". It's a particularly effective het testicle-shrinker when used in the presence of supportive women.

Interesting to see Chris Crocker apparently heading toward fulltime life as a woman. Definitely didn't see that coming based on just the first video.

Because Crocker [who claims to have been homeschooled] is similar to your students in her ignorance does not make the situation analogous or this first-and-foremost attention whore just a harmless "cute awkward pupp[y]." In the classroom, we assume you are educating those puppies. Chris isn't in your classroom. She's on the Net patterning ignorance, and to applaud her without qualification is irresponsible for it says to others that such ignorance is acceptable, and that [fill-in-blank] really means [fill-in-blank] when it doesn't. It's not just about "correct English," it's about maximizing young people's opportunities for employment.

And, yes, it's also about not encouraging those who poorly represent us for whatever reason. Ya think she's so harmless? Then prove it by forwarding her videos to those in Congress still against ENDA.

Why "attention whore"? That smell was obvious from her first claim to fame in the phony tears her "just leave Britney alone" fake tantrum was soaked in. Then there were the series of public recreations of Britney's pantyless escapades...wait for it....somehow caught on film and published on the Net. For example:


These followed the appearance of earlier nude pictures posed in a way to present him/herself as a boy. [No links as she claims to have been only 17 then.] Like so many with this unique form of ATTENTION Deficit Disorder [i.e., someone with a pathological need for attention from others], I'd guess that Crocker isn't actually transgender at all but recognized that the frequent route many such as she takes....drag...just doesn't get the attention it once did [no matter how high the wigs rise], and so is falsely claiming to be T. It's not just airports that need better screening.

Even if this is the first example of authenticity she's flashed the world, there's no reason to elevate the equivalent of a political arsonist to hero status just because some are titillated by the ever larger fires she gets off on setting. You think she’s sincere, and has something to contribute? Then contact her and coach her—in grammar and semantics AND resisting exhibitionism for exhibitionism’s sake.

battybattybats battybattybats | January 11, 2010 7:54 PM

See this is where we are totally losing against our opponents.

Bush? Palin? Logic and grammer and academic education are not valued by the people who vote for them but are usually treated with suspicion! These people operate on Emotional Rhetoric.

They are taught to distrust and to hate intellectualism, to think it deceptive and suspicious and sexually unattractive (the latter has more to do with it all than you might think) by a multitude of sources from their leaders including political and particular styles of religious preaching and theology, by their whole own branches of media, by self-confirming peer systems.

We will only reach them through Emotional Rhetoric.

Not grammer, not well reasoned arguments, not scientific proof. We need Emotional Rhetoric.

And thats why so much of the next generation supports us, why so many young people are crossdressing at school or transitioning at school.. not cause of our reasoned arguments...

but because of a thousand childrens shows saying it's important to be the authentic you inside, it's ok to be different from others and that you should be tolerant towards others. Said to them theough Emotional Rhetoric!

I watched Expelled recently, all emotional rhetoric and pretense at reasoned arguments that was just one logical fallacy after another. I looked at articles and blogposts from the right about transgender.. all Emotional Rhetoric.

And Chris Crocker.. Emotional Rhetoric.

The religious right constantly uses emotional rhetoric. Their arguments are tissue-paper thin logical fallacies but are well targeted emotionally. This is the avenue we have to better work on, reaching the emotions of the people on that side.

Well said, Batty...!

I'd also like to add that there is no rule that says we can't have some fun with our gender expression whether one cross-dresses or fully transitions or anywhere in between.

In my experience I get more support with my transitioning if I clearly am enjoying myself. The puritanism approach to transitioning, which is favored by most current LGBT activists and many "real" TSs, is of increasingly limited value.

"Puritanism - the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."
H.L. Mencken

True Michael, we should definitely only have white, masculine, cisgender gay males in suits and ties to speak for us (hopefully ones who don't gesture with their hands too much). The rest of our community is clearly unable to speak responsibly for ourselves. The only reason ENDA hasn't passed yet is because transgender wanna-bes like Chris (btw, good job at calling him out on his FALSE identity) are ruining it for all the responsible, mainstream people and trying to latch on to their success. Finally, someone who really clarifies what "our LGBT community" is all about. :-)

Wow. How very classy of you, Micheal, to post nude pictures of someone to discredit them. (And no, I don't care if Chris published those photos herself, using them like that is disgusting)

Oh my god Michael relax. Of course she's seeking attention. She's an entertainer. What planet are you from? She's not running for office, she's doing comedy. If a transgender Internet celebrity making funny videos so upsets your gay world, then I suspect it wasn't very stable to begin with. The more narrowly you try to define "gay" in order to win approval, the more trouble you're going to have with inappropriate spokespeople who fall outside that definition.

Even if Chris represented the entire queer community, you would still be wrong. However, Chris is one person, one voice, one opinion. Anyone who generalizes about the whole community based off his videos is already a homophobe. However, if you listen to his arguments rather than attack his demeanor or appearance or vocabulary (which are all ad hominem attacks), you might here that he does make cogent points from time to time, more often than you might think.

This idea that in order to get respect and rights from the straight community we have to be "straight"-laced "straight"-arrows has been proven wrong. It didn't work in the civil rights movement for black people and in the 40 years since Stonewall it hasn't worked for the queer community, not to mention virtually the entirety of human history where gay people have been discriminated against and criminalized not for being flamboyant but for being queer.

The Right likes the polemic of "culture war." They are right. We are trying to move society to a place where all people enjoy equal rights. They see our efforts as abasements to their right to hate, fear, and discriminate against anything which isn't like them.

Regan DuCasse | January 11, 2010 2:09 PM

I LIKE this kid! Very good looking and unafraid.
Sure, the snap diva bit isn't original, but it's the extroverted theatrical type folks who make YouTube entertaining.

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying...
And sometimes it's a braver thing to bring humor into a serious subject so that people might better listen and understand.

Chris is another brave warrior, just in a different way.


If you geninuinely believe that someone as radioactively inauthentic, as devoid of "reason," as willing to immolate him/herself just for the attention redeems his/her ignorance with his/her transparently fake emotion [a nose for which the young particularly have] or is the type of person capable of "reaching the emotions of the people on [the other] side" then I have a few sections left of the Brooklyn Bridge that I'd be happy to sell you for a reasonable price.

PayPal preferred. No refunds.

battybattybats battybattybats | January 11, 2010 10:36 PM

They voted for Bush didn't they.

Come on They voted for Bush! You can complain about inauthentic this or transparent that but these people we need to reach voted for Bush, many voted for Palin, many believe the lies told about us and passed prop 8.

Bush and Palin and Ted Haggard etc make Chris look like a paragon of reasoned wisdom and pure honesty.

But they voted for Bush didn't they!

When I first saw her I thought she was overly fem for a guy.Now as to her being a role model who knows she is not hiding or cringeing in fear she is in your face. Which dose scare people but she is being her so go girl go!

These last two vids I like and untill you have had to deal with the issue of what is my gender not just my sexuality dont judge I have been there done that.So Cris keep at it so you aint the best speaker out there but guess what who cares.We TG are a very deverse lot and never be any thing but you. My fav comeback is "Mines bigger than yours."

When not employing "cisgender" redundantly, Gina, you should market exercise videos on how to build muscle by reaching for absurdity. In any case, I'll thank you not to put words...or anything else....in my mouth. Respect is as respect does.

There are plenty of transgendered/lesbian/POC spokespeople that I admire because they understand that the necessary bridge building toward full equality for all of us have support no one when constructed over narcissistic pools reflecting the masturbatory images of the Chris Crockers of the world.


Wait. It's Michael's fault that Chris has these pix out there? Seriously? You are accusing Michael of being sarcastically "classy" while Chris has the junk all out there?


Personally... I don't find anything about the pix "disgusting". It's a cute little dick. Chris is male bodied... go for it. I don't give a rats poop what Chris decides to show. It's Chris' body and Chris will decide.

But it's not up to Michael to edit the reality that the pix exist. And to suddenly make Chris Croker the Mother Theresa of TG visibility is hysterical to me... only because when Chris was whining about LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE Chris was suddenly the voice of LGB's.

Chris wasn't my voice... but I didn't have a lot of say in that did I? Chris was covered under the greater umbrella ella ella of the LGBTQRXYZ's.

Chris is young. We were all young once. Chris lives w/granny and makes Utube videos from Grannys basement. It's Hitchquonion to be perfectly honest.

Chris is fun. Chris is alllll about Chris.

Nothing wrong w/that.

But those w/in the community saying their trailer isn't hitched to that dog and poney show, isn't about what ginasf referred to as the "white, masculine, cisgender gay males in suits and ties to speak for us..."

It's just not some folks bag.

Tolerance is a slippery slope... in order to get it... we have to give it.

Read for comprehension, Dieks. I didn't say it was Micheal's fault the pics existed, I said it was disgusting to use them as a weapon because he doesn't like Chris. His point is false on its face (that Chris can't be trans because she has nude pics out there), but to make the point he only needed to say there were nude pics, not crassly wave them around.

Oh my lord, what are you all going on about? Nobody's said that Chris Crocker is the face of the LGBT community, or that she's some paragon of virtue or anything but a young person who makes engaging You Tube videos that lots of people like to watch, judging from the stats. So what if there's nude pics? So what if she's gender non-conforming in way that you don't like or you think she's whiny? And how effing dare anyone out there make fun of Chris after all she's been through.......

Sue Lefkowitz | January 12, 2010 10:47 AM

So many middle -age transitioners who are even post-op would die to look and talk like Chris.

"His point is false on its face (that Chris can't be trans because she has nude pics out there)"

The specific point regarding the nude public pix link was actually about "attention whoring". Something that CC is actually quite Vblog/Utube famous for YEARS now. CC was actually 15mins ago.

CC has made a internetz career out of Utube videos poking fun and commentary about EVERYTHING under the sun. Good for CC. Go for it. CC has moments of hysterical funny and ludicrous "LOOK AT ME!" internetz starved for attention antics.

All these same EXACT death/violent threats towards CC existed in the comment sections when CC was a self described "openly gay and effeminate" man..

Attention whoring has nothing to do w/gender politics... but a reality that knows no boundaries.

Yes, the attention seeking could have been a separate point than the identity questioning. Except that immediately after providing the link, he moves on to saying that Chris presents herself as a boy in these photos, and then proceeds to accuse her of adopting trans as a fake persona to garner more attention. So yes, he DOES say that the photos mean Chris is not really a trans woman.

"... then proceeds to accuse her of adopting trans as a fake persona to garner more attention."

Considering that it is Chris Crocker w/the previous YEARS of internet celebrity... it is a definite possibility.

Mentioning the elephant in the room doesn't hurt the elephant.

***apologies for responding so many days later, i was out of town. thnx :)

Here we are a year and half later and there is SO MUCH MORE then pix of Chris Crockers cock. Crocker is a beefy GAY MALE porn star now.


Crocker has always walked like a publicity whore duck.
Crocker has always quacked like a publicity whore duck.
And now Crocker fucks like a publicity whore duck.

NOTHING against publicity whore ducks.
But don't tell me I don't see a duck... when it's clearly a duck.

Clever Michael, you snuck a COCK reference into a conversation with a transwoman about a transwoman (or, at least gender variant). Very witty and sophisticated you are and obviously someone we're going to be looking towards for quality bridge-building. Pity you can't, instead, talk about your own issues about shame over who you are and your deeply unresolved self-consciousness about being seen as "queer" instead of blaming someone who seemingly triggers these issues in you and using them as some kind of a punching-bag. As I said, no one would mistake Chris Crocker for being either an intellectual or any kind of major spokesperson for the LGBT community, but we need gender variant people like her to be seen and experienced, because far too many cis gay people (said it again) want to jettison anything that's seen as not gender-normative from "the movement" and, honestly, without that most embattled part of the LGBT community, you're all rather dreary and not worth fighting for.

I "snuck a COCK reference into a conversation with a transwoman about a transwoman"????

Gina, Honey, as someone said it far better than I:

Get off The Cross, we need the wood!

[Ooops, was that a sneaky reference to crossdressing? Was "wood" another "COCK reference"?]

While I am not a Chris Crocker fan (in no small part because of her recurring sexism), I really dislike this attempt to say that she is 'fake trans' based on the fact that you dislike her style, videos, etc. Also, her previous nude photos are irrelevant. First, having a penis does not make one not a trans woman. Second, it seems to be the case that her identity, at least to a certain extent, is intentionally nonbinary. She may present herself as a woman sometimes and as a man others because that is how ze expresses the range of hir gender. Being nonbinary does not mean that hir gender expression is fake or illegitimate. Third, Chris did at one time identify as a gay male. Perhaps these pictures wre taken pre-transition and though she identified as male then, she identifies as female now. Fourth, how does one present themselves as male in the nude? Were there props? A self written caption that said "Look at my man self?" Was her pose something that you saw as unfeminine?

As to the anti-intellectualism notion; as a philosophy major who excells at formal logic, I would argue that the problem that arises with language snobbery and certain academic discourses is more closely related to issues of classism than to anti-intellectualism. "Proper Grammer" is something that is dictated by the upperclasses. Of course, there are problems with using words in a way which is at odds with their meaning but the upperclass mistakes in this area are not targeted for grammer policing the way that any dialectic use by the poor, most notably the young poor, is targeted. You know damned well what Chris is saying, you are basically just bitching at her not to talk like a fucking poor person. Newsflash wealthy 'progressives', thinking that the poor are too ignorant and stupid to know what is good for us and thinking that you have some god given right to dictate down at us what you think we should do and feel about our lives does not make the poor want to work as your allies on any cause. The wealthy do not have a monopoly on the truth or on the language. Academia in this country has long been dominated by the rich (esp. the white, male rich). American anti-intellectualism amoung the poor does not come from us being too fucking stupid to reason, it comes from skepticism developed over the hundreds of years that the formally educated wealthy have been trying to use their class position to force bullshit ideas onto us (one suggestion, check out the forced sterilizations of poor women under the US's eugenics programs and you might understand why two generations later, people are still suspicious about basing truth upon academic credentials). If you want people to better understand your position, you might consider *gasp* trying to explain the basis rather than spending your time whining about how stupid and illogical you think they are. And if you think the fact whining about my grammer is more important than addressing my argument, you can go fuck yourselves.

I must disagree with your comment that people who dislike Chris Crocker for her poor grammar are exhibiting upper class snobbery. Poor grammar is symptomatic of poor ideas, so it is appropriate to use that as guide to determine the significance of the ideas so stated. I also disagree with your idea that academia is dominated by the rich, who are trying to use their class position to force bullshit ideas on the lower classes in order to maintain the upper hand.

As a white upper-middle class academic teaching at a college that attracts many students of diverse identities, I deny the idea that academics are simply elites trying to enforce their snobbery on the lower classes. Rather, we simply provide neutral, objective education that attempts to alleviate the lack of knowledge and poor critical thinking skills of young people from inadequate backgrounds that are holding them back. Since any inequities from past discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, class etc. have long since been righted, it is simply incorrect to state that academia is dominated by certain classes or races of people. The fact that 95% of my colleagues are white and upper class is not a comment on domination, but on something else entirely.

Actually, I am kidding. The above paragraphs are satire. It's quite obvious to me that the education I am providing is largely indoctrination, with a few selected objective facts thrown in for cover. I do believe I am helping students to learn how to think and how to be participant-citizens in the limited democracy. I try to present many sides of each issue, including exposing to them the obvious class snobbery that I and my colleagues are unintentionally communicating along with our lectures. The truth is that the most important thing I am communicating in terms of the future success of my students is not facts, but how to conform to upper class social norms that will hopefully allow them to impress some upper class person who has decent jobs to dole out. Since the playing field is tilted so that 20% of the people have 80% of the wealth (objective fact), you better believe it. People who fail to conform to upper class social norms, regardless of how intelligent their thinking or good their abilities, are doomed not only to ridicule, but also to lives of poverty, unless they start their own business (3 out of 5 of which fail in the first 5 years) or win the lottery. As a veteran of several academic search committees, the ones who get the jobs are the ones who most conform to academic upper class norms. Particularly in the name of the institution that confers their degrees and the journals that publish their work. Race, class and gender play major roles in both. No more Institutional class, race and gender discrimination? It is to laugh.

People who point and laugh at poor grammar should consider the possibility that they have been indoctrinated to ape the upper classes in order to enhance their own social standing. I never laugh at my students' grammar, though I do correct it. I never laugh at their ideas, either, though I may explain why I disagree.

My immigrant grandfather did carpentry when he could find it, and sold bananas from a cart when he couldn't. His native wits got him through, not his grammar. Am I a better person than my grandfather?

Oh, Jillian, I was about 1/3 of the way through your response and ready to scream at you. Guess I'll have to scream at Michael instead. :-)

battybattybats battybattybats | January 21, 2010 7:10 PM

While in the main i agree with you I have experienced anti-intelectualism from fellow impoverished people. The suspicion of and hostility towards people who show signs of above-average intelligence or education, even self-education often serves to harm poor people and keep them manipulable and downtrodden.

Snobbery in more privileged classes is a problem, but assuming everyone with any 'useless pieces of paper' knowledge have wasted their time, 'know nothing' and merely 'put on an act' in order to 'treat others insuperior' as many poor people do is equally a problem.

Quotes taken from people who assaulted me in school for reading in public (yes, for reading in public! Which was apparently 'girly' and 'gay' and 'stupid') and/or from my last ex-girlfriend and members of her family.

Thankfully my current girl/boyfriend and their family values intelligence and knowledge.

WTF is wrong with you people?

chris crocker is a legend