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Remember when everyone was doing it?

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Back in the day, everyone was watching ABC. Now they'll watch Neil Patrick Harris on any station they can. Or at least I will.

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Wow, this commercial is hilarious in hindsight. This was the zero hour before ABC abdicated their #1 spot to NBC. Look at this: some of the most groundbreaking shows in history were airing on ABC at this time. What are they trying to get people excited for? Baby Talk, Cop Rock and Going Places. From Golden Years, China Beach, Twin Peaks, Roseanne and Thirty Something to Baby Talk. Going Places did have a very blatantly gay character, and the "feggalla" episode with his father was very important to my coming out process. Otherwise it was an abortion of a season for ABC. Litterally. Few of those shows aired a full season. I think Going Places was replaced mid season by New Attitude, Baby Talk by the Belles of Bleecher Street and I only saw about 5 minutes of Cop Rock, I think that one may have been replaced by The Young Riders--which was a pretty good show.. but let's face it, a show about the Pony Express was doomed to a short life.

Now we've got 500 channels and something one for everyone, and DVD's of old shows that we can re-watch. We'll never have to loose a TV show ever.