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Rep Paul Scott Blows Smoke on Transgender Michigan

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A fledgling politician, 27-year-old Michigan Representative Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) has a precocious grasp of social conservatism's #1 rule.

All is fair in the war. Politics is war.

Entering his sophomore year as a Michigan congressman, Scott, a rising star within the state Republican Party has grown up fast by GOP standards. He'll be seeking its nomination for Secretary of State, largely on the merit of a statewide, public smoking ban he helped legislate.

Ironically, Scott resorts to a smoke screen to launch his nomination bid. And where there's smoke there's fire.

In the official announcement letter of his candidacy for Michigan Secretary of State last week, Scott said he'll work to change several Michigan social policies including one that hits home in the LGBT community.

I'll make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver's license in any circumstance.

If I didn't know better I might be led to believe the trans-community threatens to overrun the I-94 corridor of the Great Lake state. Of course, Scott's transphobic intent is no joke. He's serious about taking back a policy change enacted by the current Secretary of State five years ago.

In a letter to Secretary of State Terry Lynn Land in February of 2005 Jay Kaplan, staff attorney for the ACLU of Michigan's LGBT Project argued against the discriminatory nature of the longstanding policy which permitted gender marker change to the driver's license only after gender reassignment surgery.

In addressing the driver's license/state ID issue with the Secretary of State Kaplan wrote:

The current policy excludes a majority of the transgender community who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and are under treatment of medical professionals. Most transgender persons cannot afford sexual reassignment surgery, nor have health insurance that will pay for such surgery.

The Secretary of State agreed with Kaplan. On April 1, 2005, the policy was amended in Michigan to allow gender marker revisions to the driver's license if accompanied by a supporting letter from a gender therapist.

So here we are today, five years later, confronted with a reverse case of déjà vu. Whoever said fair is fair obviously wasn't an LGBT American.

I'm not sure what's worse. Scott's hostile campaign rhetoric, an intolerant attack on an already disenfranchised minority or his supreme ignorance regarding gender identity issues facing transgender Michiganders.

It's easy to kick someone while they're down.

An excerpt from Scott's interview with the Michigan Messenger reveals the man behind the words.

"It's a social values issue. If you are born a male, you should be known as a male. Same as with a female, she should be known as a female."

When asked to explain how such a mandate from the Secretary of State would benefit Michigan, he said it was about "preventing people who are males genetically from dressing as a woman and going into female bathrooms."

He said his mandate would be in place even for those who had completely undergone sex reassignment surgeries.

"That's who you are. You can have cosmetic surgery or reassignment surgery but you are still that gender," he said.

Playing the bathroom card is nothing new. It's time-tested, social conservative fear-mongering. However, Scott also demonstrates confusion discerning between gender, a state of the mind, and sex, a manifestation of biology expressed in physical characteristics. Not so good when you're representing or misrepresenting constituents.

But why let semantics get in the way when might is right, right?

And so Scott aims to abolish Michigan's small, but hard-fought gain in transgender equality under the rhetorical guise of a return to "social values." Law & order the old-fashioned way: discriminatory policy against outliers of the hetero-normative mainstream.

Diversionary tactics are often the politics of choice in conservative election campaigning. Representative Scott's campaign "denouncement" is another example of politics gone awry, a putrid smoke screen designed to obscure the real issues of Michigan. Like an unemployment rate that leads the nation at 14%, an ignoble distinction the Great Lake State has held 25 of the past 26 months.

The agenda of social conservatism continues to plumb new lows. No wonder one of its self-proclaimed young stars is calling on a tried and true formula--fear mongering--to polarize a non-issue into a rallying cry to carry his fundamentally flawed campaign.

Denying equality of an oppressed minority is far easier than advocating substantive reform that will impact an unsettled majority--those everyday citizens besieged by the woeful Michigan economy.

Smoke and mirrors tactics like fabrication of the driver's license gender marker issue deflect the truth. They often obfuscate the true intention of legitimate reform. Distortion and denial remain twisted, but vital strategies of the conservative movement: Deny health care reform. Deny marriage equality. And now in Michigan, deny the existence of the transgender community.

Who ever said the air in Michigan was clearing?

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Horrifying development; how will he justify this in the case of the post ops particularly escapes me.

In any event it is wrong, but putting women with vaginas in the mens room is simply asinine.

This seems weird. Is this really a big issue in Michigan? Do most people even think about driver's licenses and gender markers?

I doubt anyone other than those affected by the DL gender marker issue has this topic on thier radar screen. Why would anyone when the economy remains in the tank and the world continues to dig out Haiti. However, it's a political tactic exploited by social conservatives to rally their allies in the fundamental/conservative mainstream.

It is an issue if you are living your gender and it doesn't match your passport or your drivers license. It is something the Transgendered population deals with on a daily basis. Besides did you miss the statement: "in a letter to Secretary of State Terry Lynn Land in February of 2005 Jay Kaplan, staff attorney for the ACLU of Michigan's LGBT Project argued against the discriminatory nature of the longstanding policy which permitted gender marker change to the driver's license only after gender reassignment surgery."?

I think that ministers do; they have to love the gay but hate gay sex publically, but they feel free to excroiate and humiliate the trans community, particularly as some of our own LGB component of the community feel free to as well

For example, on a thread at Joe My God yesterday concerning trans rights passing at Miami Beach, there was some very vile attitudes expressed

I'm pretty sure this is a reaction to the City of Kalamazoo adding trans protections last year -- that got a lot of publicity.

On another note -- thank you for mentioning the current policy. I just moved to Michigan and have been stressing about changing to a Michigan drivers license, but now it looks like I can use the same paperwork to change to get my gender marker right that I used in Washington state. Whew!

...ok, I'm blonde so give me a break. I've been using the bathroom for 46 years and no one has ever asked to see my drivers license.
Yeah, I know I know...

Still, when the day comes when you need to have a divers license to use the toilet... they'll probably have put in one of those full body scanners to make sure your not packing penis...or are packing penis...

Why do they never give a shout out to the FtM's?

Good question regarding media silence toward FtM's. IMO, the ultimate gender transgression is to violate male priviledge. Cis-fundamentalists are much more appalled by MtF's. The visceral (and highly sterotypical) imagery of the big, bulky "man in a dress" assaulting "petite" natal females is easily exploited by religious/socially conservative fundies. It happens every time anti-discrimination legislation attempts to move foward on a state level with public accomodations. The gender binary is a polorizing, divisive and archaic mode of social classification. It needs to be addressed & reformed by educators, sociologists, etc. and not exploited as part of a political witch hunt by the far right.

Hey! I am from Michigan. No work, no protection from job loss if you are LGBT and now an idiot like this running for an office he might actually win if the Democrats do not get off their butts and move something forward to fix some of the problems in this state. There is little funny about Paul Scott with me. You can say things like I have been using the toilet for 46 years and no one has asked for my license, but it is illegal in Michigan to go into a public bathroom designated for females if you are male. How are they going to determine this? By a Driver's license in most cases. To say a Transsexual who is well along in transition should be forced to go into a public bathroom that is counter to their presentation is just plain nuts. However there are a lot of those who might go along with some nut who makes an issue out of it. History in this state means if it comes down to a referendum on bathroom access for Transsexuals, Paul Scott might just be running the Secretary of State's Office. Hopefully it will not be retroactive.

Perhaps I am reading this wrong, but to think this is simply about "driver's licenses" is the real 'smoke screen.' My take on this that this is insidious 'foot in the door' for a complete reversal on the ability to change the gender marker on one's birth certificate. It is in Scott's words: "It's a social values issue. If you are born a male, you should be known as a male. Same as with a female, she should be known as a female."

So you are thinking, why would some trans-activist in Missouri really care that deeply about this (other than a passion to see things done right for our Community)? Well, yeah!, it's not right! And also, my birth certificate is recorded in the State of Michigan, and the gender marker change on my Missouri Driver's License isn't going to change until SRS is complete AND my Michigan Birth Certificate changed.

So yeah, some altruism, but better still as said: Paul Brown is a threat to the Transgender Community, anything he can accomplish will be seen as a positive statement to try to change elsewhere.

Sue Lefkowitz | January 23, 2010 9:20 AM

In the next decade we might have body scanners for everybody going into any public place. Orwell was right. Privacy is dying with the very electronic world that allows this post to exist. Expect data chips implanted in newborns that are updated by mandate as the life information expands. Unless I'm paranoid of course. I assume the GOP reads all these posts anyway.

Sue Lefkowitz | January 23, 2010 2:13 PM

If this program would become law in Michigan, does that mean transwomen could go topless on Michigan beaches ? Does this mean that transmen who have had top surgery would need to be covered up top? Bet this bozo hasn't thought this through

Sue Lefkowitz | January 23, 2010 2:21 PM

Another question: Would the State of Michigan institute a state dress code? That would make Michigan like Saudi Arabia and more atttractive to terrorists as a place to live and plot since michigan would seemingly share some of their "values"

Why is the LGBT leadership.HRC/whomsoever not all over this guy?

All too often, we seem curiously unruffled when the issue is trans rights. Time to stick together, enough of the inter-alphabet agenda rivarly. A swipe at any of us will all too soon become a swipe at ourselves next.

And trans community, please make peace amongst ourselves. The classically truly HBS whatevers need to end their disdain and discourtesy for the TG's, who similiarly need to stop outrageous attacks on the classically truly's.(I came across a site today that was positively vile)

We cannot survive being divided in the next decade.

"amongst yourselves," --typo, sorry

Hey all, My name is Todd Heywood and I am the reporter from Michigan Messenger who broke this story. A couple of things to remember as you review this story:
1. Scott was recruited by the far right social conservatives in the GOP, specifically to be their voice. This is about adopting social conservative, antigay values into the state GOP platform. Scott has already won straw polls in Kent and Oakland counties. This guy is a serious candidate with serious money behind him.
2. HRC was e-mailed for comment on this case, as well as the HIV-as-terrorism case in Macomb county. To date, there has been nothing but SILENCE from HRC on either issue. Clearly, they don't care about Michigan and the issues at play here.

Angela Brightfeather | January 23, 2010 9:36 PM


Thank you for ID'ing yourself. Let me help you with a future story if this Judas goat gets elected.

It's about two years from now and Martha Cook has been detained for the last week on her third offense for being a person who identifies as a Transexual woman. She/He was arrested on two previous occassions for using the woman's rest room in other locations. Previously she was arrested and fined and given a warning. Each time she has stated that she refuses to use a men's room because she is afraid of being assaulted. She is being held in the Ann Arbor County Jail in the men's population awaiting arrainment by the county judge and facing a possible jail sentence of no less than four months if found guilty. Ms. Cook will not be judged by a jury of her peers if found guilty by a judge, due to the nature of the crime and she will go directly to prison to serve out her term.

Ms. Cook has been on hormone therapy for over ten years and has been living as a woman for 9 of those years without incidence. However, she was reported as having used the women's rest room at her place of employment, buy a fellow co-worker on two previous occassions. This third time she was arrested in a local restaurant during an office holiday party being held by her company, after an informant called the police.
Here is another flash for you Heywood. HRC won't be around to help her either in two years and they still won't have any comment on it.

However HRC urges all GLBT people to attend their upcoming Equality Banquet next month being held in Detroit. The keynote speaker for this grand event will be Meredith Baxter Burney, who two years ago announced that she was a lesbian. She will be followed by the Governor of Michigan who will be recieving a special award from HRC for agreeing to sign legislation to allow same sex marriages in Michigan.

Heywood, I hope this saves some time having to write all this up when it happens for real.

So, what's the chances that this guy is going to win Douche of the Year Award? So far his only competition seems to be Mass's new Senator Brown.

The latest Gallup Poll shows they're running neck and neck for the coveted Conservative award. Stay tuned. It's early in the year.

We talked about this on my show last night. Transgender people and allies from across the country need to jump on this and make Mr. Scott pay attention.

Don't count on the HRC or anyone else to do your work for you. If he succeeds in reversing the ability to change gender markers in Michigan, Mr. Scott will be setting a precedent and it doesn't matter what state you live in, you better pay attention if it happens. This guy is a Theocrat with the likes of Focus On The Family and company behind him. I don't trust a conservative Christian as far as I can throw one and you shouldn't either. We need to stop these people now before they gain even more momentum. This is not and SHOULD NOT be about "values" it is about your civil rights. How many cases of assault have there been, directly related to changing the gender marker on drivers licenses? None that I know of. How many cases of assault against trangender people have their been and will there be if we are forced to be recognized as a gender we are not simply because some religious legislator says so? You all know what will happen and what has happened. Apparently to people like Mr. Scott, we don't matter. Despite the statistics which prove that transgender people who are forced to conform to his standards are assaulted and even murdered on a regular basis, people like him believe we are sub-human.

We have a case against this. I am angry about this and you should be too. It's time to make yourself heard and seen and show people like Mr. Scott that you are simply a human being trying to make the best of what you have been handed in life and he is no better than you are. Don't take this sitting down. Do something.

Those of you in Michigan need to start calling and writing your representatives. Ask your allies to call and write. Organize a march on your state capitol. This is not the time for petty bickering over who is really TS and who isn't. This is about fighting for your rights. You need lock arms and fight for them now because no one is going to fight for you. Don't expect the LG & B to storm the capitol for you. It's not going to happen. You organize the storm and there will be some good LGB and even straight allies who will storm with you.

-Alana Mackie

"This is not the time for petty bickering over who is really TS and who isn't". Amen. What's required in Michigan is unity. That begins right at home in a united transgender community. Maryland won a similar fight in December. The State Attorney General moved to change a perfectly viable policy toward change of gender marker on the DL. The revised policy would have mandated proof of SRS/GRS as a requirement for gender marker change, thereby eliminating the option for pre-op transitioners. Equality Maryland stepped to the plate and rallied the LGBT community to action. Thankfully, there was no divisiveness within the trans-community about who should or should not qualify.

Sue Lefkowitz | January 24, 2010 9:12 AM

This guy is creating publicity and helping himself with the "teabag" crowd. I would guess that if he gets elected, transpeople who can would leave Michigan. I was only there once and wouldn't go back anyway. I would think his rules could cause the arrest of lots of people who are not trans, just gender ambiguous and possibly affect rock acts coming to the state. Why not just give him a membership card to the Taliban and then arrest him? He needs to be called to account as to how he is not a cousin to the Taliban.

He's getting plenty of publicity, but I'm not sure it's had the media impact he'd prefer. Todd Heywood's brilliant interview with Scott in the Michigan Messenger provided the perfect loaded gun. Heywood allowed Scott the public forum to display his shameful ignorance and haughty arrogance. The gun was placed on the proverbial table. Scott pulled the trigger on himself. His actions will make the other more moderate candidates far more desirable.

If I called Michigan my home, there's no way I'd allow Scott push me out. I'd find a way to push back with "right".

I hope that's precisely what the good citizens of Michigan do: push back for equality, and with righteous indignation.

Angela Brightfeather | January 24, 2010 12:10 PM

Taking a lesson form politics is the thing to do here and taking that lesson from the most bloodthirsty politicians is the way to do it.

Peoiple like Scott are very vulnerable if the homework is done on them. Anyone willing to jump on the case of a minority when they are a minority themselves, says volumes for this guy. Like does he beat his kids also? Exactly what is his religious background and how many stones need to be turned over there? Who is financing his campaign anyway? All this takes work on the ground, looking for breaches in his character and record that reflect and solidify his ignorance and prejudices.

Here is what is listed in Michigan by IFGE as the only Trans group that can start organizing;

PO Box 1245 Royal Oak, MI 48068-1245
(313) 719-3267
[email protected]
Group for friendship, support, and peace of mind

So, we know something exists, but is it one of those feel good organizations for T's that is full of people who don't want to get involved in politics, or is it an active group inour community that will stand up to prejudice? This might tell you something about how polticial they will get about this issue:

"Code of Ethical Behavior:

Members and attendees to Crossroads functions will not endanger the safety of the group or individuals through indiscretions, giving a false impression of Crossroads, it's members, or activities in any public or private forum or medium. Behavior that is lewd, obscene, intoxicated, demanding, threatening, or embarrassing toward an individual or any situation that tends to case the Crossroads Chapter in an unfavorable light will not be tolerated and the person will be asked to leave the function or the organization after review of the board. It is essential that each member's sexual identity and confidentiality be respected."

Not unlike a lot of other Tri-Ess spawned Trans groups....I would not expect that Crossroads will do anythng about this present threat.

So Michigan Trans people, your on your own unless you can get something organized so that people outside Michigan can help you. No one is going to help anyone who is not willing to help themselves and your the only Trans group listed, so get of your closeted butts and lets see some activism, some organization, some anger and at least start to feed some information to the rest of our community that they can use for ammunition against this left wing bigot using all of you and your lives for a punching bag. At least start a blog or a yahoo group that other activists can join and get the ball rolling.

"I would guess that if he gets elected, transpeople who can would leave Michigan."

Why should anyone HAVE to leave the place they call home just because some transphobic bigot thinks you run contrary to his "values" ?

I don't live in Michigan, but if similar laws were put in place where I live, I would find it very hard to leave. I have children and the arrangement worked out between my ex and I works very well for all of us. If we had to move I would have to try to convince my ex and her partner to move with me or make drastic changes to those arrangements. I would have to rip my children out of the school district they attend and they would have to say goodbye to all their friends. Why should my children be subjected to that just because a person like Mr. Scott doesn't like *my* values? I am certain there are many people in a similar position all across the country, including Michigan. Screw that, people like Mr. Scott just need to be shown that their "values" are meaningless when it comes to the law. They were elected to represent their constituents, not change the law based on their personal "values." I wonder how many real constituents this is actually an issue with, aside from those who actually benefit from it? My guess is none, except maybe a few self-righteous churchgoing pricks who simply believe the stereotypes and think we're all "icky."

- Alana Mackie

...And I'd call on ALL Lesbians to get behind this effort. If you don't think that this will be used to harrass out Butch sisters in addition to our Trans sisters by allowing for confrontation to produce ID in the Ladies room amongst other thinds, you are crazy.

We need to ALL be right there with our Trans brothers and sisters or we cannot look our Butch sisters in the face.

In the unlikely event that his "values" were legislated into law, is there any chance that it would expose and reverse (back to genetic sex) the gender on existing, already-changed licenses?

What we do know is what Rep. Scott promised in his campaign platform: no gender marker change for any trans-person, pre, post or non-op. Whether Michigan has the mechanism in its data base to "recall" previous gender marker changes, or if it would even choose to do so wasn't addressed. To me, the best defense against Scott's nomination is a good offense, making opinion known about him through the news media, personal blogs, social networks and contacting LGBT lobbying organizations such as Michigan Equality.

Angela Brightfeather | January 25, 2010 12:51 PM

I'm still awaiting and answer from Equality Mission from an email sent on Thursday of last week, but I can say this.
EM doesn't even have this on their radar screen as far as I can tell. There is no mention of it on their web site and their site seems to have been updated some time during the Jurassic period from what I can tell. It's a fine site, but it needs updating, especially to cover this issue.

Actually I did not expect that much more anyway. I have found that many of the Equality sites deal with legislation for the most part and seem to stay away from controversial political issues that are mandated outside of legislation. There are exceptions to that, but their bread and butter seems to be to introduce friendly or ward of bad GLBT legislation, rather than actually motivating and organizing the base about any one issue and spearheading an attack against it.

We have run across this type of thing in NC and are still working on it. But it seems to come down to one or two people who are appointments of the Governor at that time and sicne it is not legislation activated, it can be changed at the whim and fancy of the administration in power at any given time.

Personally, I think that letters to the Governor of Michigan might get a better response simply because they don't like to kick up sand in any constituents face at that level or be held accountable for discrimination and bigotry coming from the executive state mansions.

There is only one person who is going to be capable of changing administrative policy in a heartbeat that comes from the AG's office and that is the Governor. People need to kick some sand in that direction and get a statement from him on if he will back such an administrative order.

Wow. I could go into a huge, eloquent spiel about this man, but it could be summed up in a few strong words;

This man is a douche-bag.

I don't know if he was raped as a child by a tranperson or what, but he has no right to dictate how people feel about themselves and their bodies. Wouldn't it be ironic if, within the week he got this passed, he realized that he himself was transgendered? That would make me laugh. He'd be fighting against the very thing that he'd become. He'd be the new Hitler.... My, what irony....

Well lets take this issue of the gender marker and set it aside here and view the real problem.

This is a serious issue but what is frightening is that if this guy is elected what other things will he do? This one issues could cause a lot of grief and heartache for those it effects but, what worries me is that people like this have been riddled through out history and used tactics like this to greatly sway the masses. Take a look at Sen. McCarthy ( and his "Black Book" scare with communism, whether you support the gender marker or not you should be greatly concerned with putting someone into office who's deceitful and uses propaganda to get their personal agenda pushed forward.

Excellent points and I couldn't agree more. From my vantage point, Scott and his discriminatory tactics of fundamentalist oppression are reflective of the divisive, distortive and deceitful agenda of social conservatism across America. The Tea Bag movement is a manifestation of this cancer. Extreme social conservatism needs to be exposed for the fraud it is and excised before the malignancy achieves terminal velocity on American democracy.

Well I thought about this last night at work and realized something else, this has happened in another manner in history as well. Hitler used this same sort of tactic on a grander scale with the Jewish community to distract the country and unify them against one social group so he could then use that momentum to present a false sense of progress at that point he led the country on to fulfill his agenda which led to an attempt at world conquest.

Not making a joke on this but in a very similar tactic on a smaller scale this is why propaganda is a terror tactic backed by lies and manipulation. Support our way of life as a country and progress politics either side of the fence you're on with this and vote on what the Elected senator plans to do about real issues, not this rubbish.

Love you all and hope this guy is not only not Elected but never is seen fit to run for any political position again.

Also, Keri, I just wanted to tell you thanks for putting this out there and helping make more people aware of social corrosion. You're doing a good service to society and I hope that people make the right decision on this.

For a moment, we need to step away from the concept of democract/republican. Registered republicans (or democracts) do not all think alike as a unified party. I am a republican and transgender. My primary concern in this nation is reviving the economy, less government more revitalization.

My concern is the focus of the candidate Paul Scott. Secretary of State needs to stay out of medical and personal issues, especially when government overspending is a primary issue. The concept of government is to provide protection/security and most importantly to serve the public, not ideals or values but rather to ensure the opportunity for the pursuit of happiness.

We are in a deficit, I wonder if people are aware how much money the takes payers will be 'dishing' out to pay for this new agenda if he is elected to stop say maybe .05% of the population from changing their gender indicator. I am not certain if the percentage is accurate but I do know that out of all the individuals I have met that are transgender (mind you I have only met them through related functions) that less than 10% have undergone any form of surgery. A key requirement to change your gender marker.

The fact brings me to an interesting question. In the article you stated that an individual can change his/her gender marker with a letter from a gender therapist? Where did that information come from, and is it accurate? I have been saving to undergo surgery with a goal of around 20,000 dollars assuming the price is not changed by the time I save that much money. Unfortunately the therapy, testorone injections and other medical related steps are making the process a slow one. Is this something I should spend the time to have my lawyer investigate? Let me know because I have been told by my therapist a letter must be accompanied by proof that I have undergone surgery to receive a gender marker change. I would much prefer to change it now for two reasons; would love to get married to my girlfriend of many years (she is patiently waiting for her day in white) and I am tired of not being able to participate in competitive sports (something I had to give up which I enjoy a great deal because of my testorone levels for the female side and because of my gender marker for playing on the male side). Only a few things but for someone who enjoys sports it is irritating. Anyone it would be appreciated to know the actual regulations, I definitely am still going to have the surgery but it would make life a little more pleasant to not have the looming F on my drivers licenses removed.

Well as an end note, congradulations Paul Scott for being elected and throwing morals out the door to attack the struggling american economy with an expensive low blow. I suppose all the economically sound ideas to campaign for were taken.

-from a struggling working american

Thank You Paul Scott for being honest about your personal feelings. While you're at it, why not throw us back even further and have only certain days for Black Americans to be able to transact business at the Secretery of State. Perhaps women should not be able to vote any longer. Any good politician should be well versed in history. If you pay attention to the past, you will see that, while you may be trying to win a battle, the oppressed always win the war. So, do you remember what the Japanese admiral said after the attack on Pearl Harbor? "I believe we have awakened a sleeping giant." The transgender community has been quietly trying to mind it's own business. Perhaps you would get an adrenaline rush from trying to enter into the den of a Grizzly Bear. We are a sleeping giant who will not be intimidated, denied, discriminated against, slurred, slandered or de-humanized any longer. And more than that, we will not sit back and allow you to take office with the intention of being self-serving or predjudiced. Your lack of maturity has shown itself by you choosing to show all your cards before you're even in office. Try making a campaign on your merits, or maybe how you can actually help your constituents. I think the people of Michigan have had enough to deal with in the recent past years, let alone an underclassman who has not learned the art of finesse. GOOD LUCK!

Daphne Decker | February 22, 2010 10:18 AM

Didn't the Nazi's blame the Jews for all the Social Evils in Germany during the '30's. all under the guise of restoring German "Social Values", We see how well that worked out. So let's all blame someone else for the Economic woes of Today. It always strikes me as odd when a minority blames another minority in an attempt to further ones own career or personal agenda. Discriminatory practices have existed since time immemorial. Paul Scott picked a topic that is just as polarizing as Slavery, Roe vs Wade, Prohibition, Civil Rights and in each case it ripped a great divide in Our Country and the Fabric of Socieity. Fear Mongering does not limit itself to being a Republican or Democrate, let's whip all the registered voters into a frenzy and lead them to the Ballot Boxes. Tell them God wants them to be Judges and discriminate against there fellow man. Then what??

Another quick note, as an FTM who has been 'transitioning' for awhile now I am certain that you do not want myself and many of my 'brothers' to return to the female bathroom. The scruffy beard and deep voice may just send Paul Scotts mother running for the phone to call the police. "Ma'ma, I apologize for being in the ladies room but your son found it to be more appropriate, next time I will remember to close the stall. It has been awhile." (Myself talking to Scott's mother).


I'm glad this is a priority! With the job and real estate market still depressed, high crime rates, and Michigan's health status being tied for 10th (highest of the northern states)- picking on transgender is really the pressing issue.

I think a former male who got reconstructive surgery in order to feel more comfortable with themself will feel completely at ease in a male locker room. I wouldn't doubt that this former "male" didn't do the surgery just so SHE can go in the female locker room and inappropriately stare.

This clearly needs to be a priority and Paul Scott should make it his number #1.

For those of you who lack the ability to pick up sarcasm, then read this again.