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Saxx Apparel - it's a romper room for your boys

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Buffalo is freeee-zing 4 months out of the year, and for a pedestrian like myself, a good pair of long johns can help cut the chill. There's a wee bit of a problem though: for whatever reason, unless you wear tighties underneath, your boys can stick like cling film to the side of your leg.


Saxx Apparel, an innovative underwear company from Canada, said they could solve my problem...

Designed with a thin breathable mesh, Saxx Comfort Side Panels are a design innovation in men's underwear - providing men with contact free comfort, support and a great feel.

The (2) parallel side panels are made of a breathable Nylon/Spandex mesh which contours to the natural shape of men and is entirely flexible. Never restrictive or tight, they offer support when needed and keep men cool and dry.

The Saxx Comfort Side Panels create an unduplicated environment of comfort.

I told Ryan from Saxx that I'd put them through my daily rigors, and he sent me a pair of performance long johns to try out. The twin mesh panels are a bit to get used to, but I soon realized that's the feeling of testicular freedom. I'm somewhat of a hairy guy from the waist down, and the athletic grade moisture wicking material does an excellent job of keeping my undercarriage dry.


Saxx Apparel make the gamut of skivvies, from trunks to boxer briefs to shirts, and in three different styles: everyday, bamboo, and performance. The most popular style is Bamboo, made from its namesake, and are as moisture-wicking as they are eco-friendly. Each style comes with the unique mesh panels for a comfortable no-cling day.

Saxx cost about the $25-$35 range for trunks and boxer briefs, and the long johns are about $50-$70.


Check out Saxx aparrel online and when you see the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, know that some of the best skiers will be rocking the Saxx underneath.


Wanna see the rest of the Nate-in-the-snow-half-naked pics? Check out this flickr set..(Photos taken by Jason Scott)

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Are they supposed to make it look like you have cameltoe?

I think it's the cameltoe that's making Patrick feel naughty! :)

I hope you got paid more for this ad than just a pair of longjohns. I think in the future you might do Bilerico readers the favor of making a clear separation between ads and content. The format here is already annoying enough, with the ads that appear between paragraphs.

I like the hat much better than the fey dancer's leotards. (would probably photgraph better in white, than black?) :)

Appreciate the hat compliment, but I'm confused at what you meant by fey dancer, and I hope you aren't confused to think that Saxx were meant as fashionable outerwear. It's been a while since I lived in the South, but I'm sure it still isn't a trend.

Then again, if you never lived/played in a cold climate you wouldn't have a respect for long johns, so I graciously excuse the leotard comment. :)

The FCC regulates that I must disclose any compensation for paid endorsements that I write. I was not paid to write this, so it isn't formal advertising, but I did disclose that I was sent the long johns directly by the company, which the FCC mandates I do as well.

Perhaps in the future I will highlight that better, but this is a clothing review post, not advertising, though it is an effective marketing tool.

If and when I do a paid advertorial for a sponsor of Bilerico, you shall know.

SteveDenver | January 4, 2010 11:59 AM

All of this talk of "testicular freedom," "hairy... from the waist down," and keeping one's "undercarriage dry" has me throwing a rod.

Nate is a beautiful human creature. I hope he knows what it's like to be licked all over his fine body.

Nathan; I was totally goofin' on ya, guy - about the 'fey' and leotard thing? And here in Cleveland - on this snowy day - you can be sure I know lots about long johns. It's just... well..,
for maximun sex appeal (and call me old-fashioned) I think they need to be off-white like my ski coach's, of yester-year? And yes; that sexy hat; I'd actually rather have that cupping my jewels, truth be told :)

Ahh! then all is well. and yes... I much prefer the white longjohns/boots/suspenders look myself... but alas.

Big props to Nathan for the write up and pics, a sexy beast he is.

Saxx underwear are an evolution of underwear and not meant to be a fashion piece, but rather a comfort item.

As all boys know, sticky balls are problem, in any situation, Saxx underwear solve that problem.

If anyone would like to try them out email me ryan at and i'll get a nice discount.

Cheers from the great white north.


more disrespect | January 4, 2010 1:01 PM

Thanks again for equating sexy "men" with male genitals. How about gay transmen's representations of attractiveness to other gay men? Are you saying that only men with male genitals are attractive to gay men? Transmanginas are not sexy to gay men? Is that what you are saying here? Seems like more genital bias and cissexual privilege from phobic and bigted gay men. Why the exclusionary disrespect for gay transmen's sexuality and hotness on a queer blog?

I simply can not find what made you so upset about this...

if me posing for fashion photos wearing long johns specifically designed to make my natural male gonads (namely my testicles) comfortable is akin to equating sexy men with male genitals then so be it.

TBP has a lot of contributors from every walk of life, straight, gay, trans, furry, gender-neutral, etc. If any of them would like to represent their particular demographic's "sexuality and hotness" I'm sure Bil would welcome it.

Throwing around "cissexual privilege" is akin to "White Privilege," and while I do enjoy both, both are out of my control.

I'm confused. What does any of this have to do with the trans community? Where in the article did it disrespect the trans community?
The only explanation I can find is that someone is upset that the trans community wasn't mentioned in the article.
Sorry, it's not always about you.

Sorry, it's not always about you.


Jesus. What was it with the blog yesterday? Several posts got that type of crap.

I'm in lust! What a hottie!

Am I the only male-genitaled male reading this blog post that equates the "sticky balls problem" with "maybe it's time to wash my crotch"?

Yes, I know there is a lot of equipment down there to perspire and keep cool (not unlike a room full of rack-mount servers?), but a good dusting of talcum powder goes a long way, too.

(Don't try the talcum powder routine on your rack-mount servers, though.)

Finally, if an underwear designer wants to address the "sticky balls" problem in the long-johns design, then maybe they might give the long-johns a jockstrap pouch, not unlike a medieval cod-piece construction.

I try to avoid wearing elastic around my waist because I have nerve damage in the small of my back that an elastic band tends to irritate. (For those who know me locally, that's why I've taken to wearing bib-style overalls in recent years.) I've been looking for a one-piece torso undergarment with the pouch design for ages --- briefly (no pun intended) carried a short-legged version, but they were discontinued before I could put in an order.

Question about the fit. How much did weight did the "full body length" measurement have when selecting a size?

I wear 32" briefs, but have a 30" inseam for jeans and pants. I saw a note on their site that says their sizing is a little on the large size (why I'm leaning towards the small, but am afraid they may be too large). Do you have any advice that i could take in selecting a proper/preferred size?


Sorry for the confusion on my earlier post. I am an idiot!

I wear 32" briefs (perfect fit) and have a 30" inseam, so it seems logical to select the medium size (because of my waist size). Their website states their sizes run a little large, so I'm left wondering if I should buy the small size just in case? Any advice?

Thanks again!

Hey MikeyMojo,

I'm a 31" waist when I'm feeling fat, and the Small sized Saxx are a good fit. go for a small, you should fit them fine. underwear, especially performance form fitting underwear stretches very well, unless you buy compression shorts.. but that's something totally different.


I'll order the small and see how it goes from there.

Thanks again for the 1) introduction to this product, and 2) advice in regard to sizing!

Danielle Mckowan | January 4, 2010 11:20 PM

Dear "More Disrespect" -

I understand your point of view, to an extent. We would hope members of the LGBTQ would not engage in acts that dismiss our gender identity.

I'm a transwoman, who also happens to be a friend of the author and photographer, so I admit I'm a bit biased.

I'm also a lesbian, so I've felt the same pain that kind of rejection brings.

The honest truth, you can't force people to be attracted to something they're not. Some guys like dick. I've had lesbians dismiss because I'm trans - so I know it sucks - but if it was something they could change, all of those ex-gay programs would actually work.

While I feel sympathy for your anger, I don't feel you've picked an appropriate target here. This is a clothing review, for a pair of long johns meant to keep balls dry. It's a given they're going to talk about balls. I wouldn't go into an article about tampons and complain they don't fit in my pee hole.

Dear "More Disrespect"

We are just an underwear company, selling men's underwear, we don't discriminate based on "group" or imply you aren't a sexy beast like Nathan is.