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Scott Lively doesn't want you to think he hates you

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UPDATE: Reader Brad alerted us to this from Scott Lively:

As the Ugandan "Kill the gays" bill travels toward passage there, all stops are being pulled out to try to end its path toward becoming a law. Rachel Maddow--who has been following the bill since we first heard about it--has been calling to task the American Evangelical leaders who it seems may have empowered the conservative strain within the Ugandan government to pass this bold and vicious bill.

First, Maddow and an army of Progressive bloggers forced Rick Warren to come out staunchly against the bill, then last night, Rachel finally interviewed Bob Hunter, a member of the very powerful Evangelical "Family," the secret "C Street" organization from Washington DC.

Rachel gives a quick shout-out to the man who organized the anti-gay conference in Uganda that eventually gave birth to the "Kill the gays" bill, but Box Turtle Bulletin's Jim Burroway has recently given us a bit deeper look of the seeds that Scott Lively sewed in Uganda, earlier this year.

Here is the video that Jim Burroway put together from the conference.

From Scott Lively's lips to your ears. The man wants to convince the world to believe that the Holocaust is your fault, but doesn't think that's hate.

Meanwhile, if you're HIV-positive and gay in Uganda, you are counting the minutes until you are literally eligible for the death penalty. Lively has meekly squeaked out his discomfort at being associated with the bill (though he still calls it "a step in the right direction") that he all but advocated for in this video, but you can't put the genie back into the bottle.

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Brad Bailey | January 6, 2010 5:29 PM

Below is a link to Scott Lively's explanation for his actions in Uganda and his weak response to the bill:

Thank you! That is amazing! Do you mind if I update the post with this link?

Brad Bailey | January 6, 2010 6:16 PM

Not at all. You are more than welcome to. Thanks for asking. The more people that know about this man and his agenda, the better.

Follow the update link and see that Lively's defense is that King Mwanga forcibly sodomized his subjects and Christians refused and were martyred.

Then go read real history and see that the "martyr" was trying to poison the King so he could turn the land over to Catholic missionaries who had abandoned the kingdom in earlier years. The "martyrs who refused to submit" were actually unhappy subjects who wanted to stage a coup.

We need to have LGBT international missions to western nations to encourage them to strengthen their laws against the greatest danger to liberty and the family. Europe needs stronger anti-clerical laws and we are here to tell you why!

Domionism is not a eurpoean value or practice, and needs to be outlawed.

Stanley James | January 23, 2010 10:54 PM

Welcome to fundamentalist christianity. The big lessson of the last ten years has been that fundamentalist, bible believing religions, be they catholic, christian, Islamic, or even the Israeli Ultra-orthodox, seeing their influence diminishing, have found a new group to hate. Its not the Jews, its not the blacks, so now it is the gays.

Someday, if humanity survives, some of these religions will be seen as the curse of our culture. Driven by psychopathic maniacs, who actually believe what they say.

And much of it is coming out of Orthodoxy International, a project of pope Benedict. Why - because the Catholic church is essentially dead in western Europe, only 15% of people regularly attend church. And gays are making progress, with only Italy and Greece as the last holdouts in recognizing gay couples legally, be it by marriage or civil unions etc.

The last time religion got married with politics, it gave us 9/11, courtesy of Saudi Arabia, a theocracy.

The previous time relgiion got married with the hatred of a minority, the Jews, that 1000 year old hatred of the Jews, courtesy of the Catholic church, was used by hitler to gain control of Germany, and 50 million died, includign half of world Jewry.

And go back a step further. Slavery was justified as per the bible by the predecessors of Lively and his gang. And 600,000 died in our civil war. And then the same people reinstated slavery as segregation, and it took another 100 years to end that, though the republicans are certainly exploiting the remainder of that mentality.

Wouldn't it be nice if religion was nothing but a committment to Love thy neighbor as thyself, Jesus second of two commandments.

Anc that doesn't include the lie of "we love homosexuals, but we hate their sins". Nothing but a sick twisting of both Christian love mixing with judgement and hatred, and blaming the victim of that psychopathic hatred.

Kind of makes you wonder sometimes if the luckiest people on earth are those who are aborted, and don't have to grow up in a religious culture where God's name is "hate", regardless of the brand.