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So Many Endings

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What a week. Not only did naked frat boy win in MA, not only did the Supreme Court just open the floodgates for corporate giving to political buster-allan.jpegcampaigns...

Buster died.

Buster was Allan's dog. The kids always thought of him as their "other" dog. Two moms, two dads, two cats and two dogs. Except now one of the cats is gone and so is Buster.

The thing about Buster, who was a little dog with big attitude, was his penis was always sticking out. I guess that would make Buster a very happy dog, on all occasions. He was a one person dog, and that person was Allan. Sure, others could take care of him but... if Allan was in the room, Buster was with him.

Buster had started his life as Allan's moms dog. When she died, Allan took the dog. To say Buster was spoiled is to say it's kinda warm on the sun. Even I fed the dog at the table. Everyone thought he was a puppy, because he was so small, but he was actually a snarly old man. He liked very few people- I was one of the lucky few.

Zachary spent all his years trying to get that dog to like him. Buster never did. He would nip at Zachary's face any chance he got. For years I tried to explain to Zachary that Buster was the kind of dog you had to let come to you.

Didn't happen.

Over the last few years, we (friends of Allan) all knew that when Buster went, Allan would be devastated. He was his last connection to his mom. And he was a constant companion to Allan. He was there for every baseball game, soccer game- I think of all the times in the future Allan is going to have to say Buster is gone... so many.

I worry about what will happen with Allan. I think this is going to set off some life changing events for him.

In the meantime, democracy as we know it is gone. It doesn't really matter who we elect anymore. I'll write more about that later. For now, I'm going to look up some pictures of Buster.

So many endings. I wish I had a crystal ball to understand it all.

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Our little guy is close to passing too. Like Buster, he's been my constant companion who tolerates others but adores me. (He's laying at my feet as I type.)

Someone once said to me "Parents never want to outlive their children. But we do on some scale when our pets die and we grieve for them."

Sorry to hear about Buster. Everytime we've lost a pet a little part of me goes with it but also a little bit of them stays with me in the form of memories.