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They really want to ban gay-as-in-happy marriage

Filed By Alex Blaze | January 05, 2010 2:30 PM | comments

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More Oklahoma fundamental-ness, this time from someone we already know, Sally Kern:

Scheduled for introduction in the 2010 legislative session by state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, House Bill 2279 would restrict the "use of incompatibility as a ground for divorce" in Oklahoma.

The bill would not allow for divorce on the basis of incompatibility if:

  • There are living minor children of the marriage
  • The parties have been married 10 years or longer
  • Either party files a written objection to the granting of a divorce

This is why that guy who's trying to ban divorce by ballot initiative in California isn't all that funny - Christian fundamentalists really do want to ban divorce, especially no-fault divorce. When we're allowed to divorce for any reason we choose (because we're adults), it implies that relationships and marriages are about helping us grow, be fulfilled, and creating a family we don't hate. That's the exact opposite of the fundie ideal marriage: a union between one man and one woman, out of sexual frustration after abstaining until the age of 18, together because that's just the way life worked out.

Working on "incompatibility" (or "no fault divorce," also known as the divorce equivalent of "abortion on demand") is just a way to nibble on the rights feminists worked hard to gain in the last century throughout the Western world. Today it's incompatibility in certain cases, tomorrow it's incompatibility at all, and, if they have their way, divorce is eventually banned.

There are plenty of other faulty assumptions worth remarking on in that bill - marriages that have lasted more than 10 years seem to be more valuable than shorter ones, minor children, I'm guessing, are assumed to be harmed by divorce itself in such a way that living with parents who hate each other is better, one person has a right to force another person to stay in a marriage - and I'd expect the Oklahoma legislature to be sane enough to reject that bill.

Marriage has changed over the last century. It's no longer about peasants getting stuck with a partner, one partner producing children, the other working outside the home; instead it's about fulfilling various emotional and cultural needs that two adults can have.

When the fundies say that same-sex marriage will destroy the institution of marriage, this is pretty much what they're talking about: removing reproduction from marriage and rejecting sexist gender roles in marriage solidify the notion that marriage is not, in fact, about producing a McFamily and living with it. It makes clear in a way that no-fault divorce hinted at that marriage is actually about making two people happy.

And we can't have that. The fact that red-staters get divorced just like everyone else, though, should be completely ignored. Like most moralists, they can't even live up to their own standards and consider the rules for the other chumps who need to be kept in line.

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More power to Ms Kern.

She's recognized that the "it's all for the children" argument against same-gender marriage a complete fiction, as long as the state allows for couples with minor children to divorce. She's actually taking a first step to bringing her state's laws into the parameters her party has used to define why same-gender marriage is such a threat to "traditional marriage."

Of course, to fully bring her state into those parameters, the next step(s) will have to be mandatory fertility testing as well as "provisional" marriage licenses, in which a couple who have not adopted and/or borne children in the more "traditional" manner have their civil marriage automatically annulled by the state.

Brad Bailey | January 5, 2010 5:23 PM

This is the same Senator Kern that called the gay rights movement a greater threat to America than terrorism. Her home state is the only one that voted 66 percent Republican in the last election. It is also the home of proposed legislation refusing to cooperate with federal officials if national hate crimes legislation against homosexuals is passed. And yet, the Oklahoma City School Board just recently voted to include sexual orientation in its anti-bullying policy. Talk about schizophrenic.

I know, Brad.

I was being extremely facetious.

Yeah, see, my whole issue here is a written statement from the other party could deny the divorce. Like an abusive husband denying his wife a divorce, or an abusive wife for that matter. She also called Gays a bigger threat to America than Terrorism, which is interesting considering that Wingnut Christians who threaten to bring guns to Obama rallies are considered terror threats by the federal government. Serious BITCH.

my whole issue here is a written statement from the other party could deny the divorce. Like an abusive husband denying his wife a divorce, or an abusive wife for that matter.

That was the first thing I thought too, Lizzie.

I am all for this! In fact, the LGBT community should insist that NOM first preserve straight marriage before it attacks gay marriage

Maura, that wouldn't get them the funds they need to feed their 25 children and line their bigoted pockets and overseas bank accounts.

quote--" ...and I'd expect the Oklahoma legislature to be sane enough to reject that bill. "

I live in Oklahoma and follow the machinations of its government. Don't be too sure that this bill will be rejected. Nothing's impossible in Oklahoma, even supression.