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What are the best ways to show interest in someone?

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How do you go about showing someone you are interested in getting to know them? I did a little research on this topic and learned that according to the book, Are You Normal About Sex, Love and Relationships, there are three common ways people do this (and I'm assuming they are talking about heterosexuals).

Do gays and lesbians use the same strategies? I'm curious to hear what you do.

Examples after the jump.

1. 51% of people use flattery. You can never go wrong by complementing her. Comment on her hair, her outfit, her smile. It also helps to laugh at her jokes, maintain eye contact and to smile a lot when you look at her.

2. 25% use touch. This does not mean that you slip your hand on her thigh as you're sitting next to her.

3. 23% use a wingman/woman. Send word to her via a friend or pal. This strategy takes us back to grade school. It worked then, and it still works now!

What do you do? Does it work?

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I've used a combination of 1 and 2. Specially the smiling while looking at them, and looking deeply into their eyes when in conversation. It did work in letting the guy know I was interested in him.

I think it's interesting though that all three are forms of communication. Standing around like a wildflower just doesn't seem to work, does it? :)

Not if you want to get to know someone, such as, let's say, a certain actor named Neil and voted Gay of the Decade (or whatever it was), you don't

Well, Bil, the Klingon language used on Star Trek is also supposedly a form of communication ... but I wouldn't recommend it for finding a date.

Actively listening always worked for me...