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Will middle America tune out American Idol because Ellen is gay?

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This just in from Gary McCullough, the Director of Christian Newswire, a religious right press release outlet. McCullough claims that Americans will tune out American Idol once Ellen joins the show american-idol-ellen-degeneres.jpg"because young girls and their traditional families are uncomfortable with the topic of homosexuality."

The FOX hit TV show American Idol had families across the country watching somewhat wholesome singers compete for votes from mostly tween girls. Last season's loss of the more talented performer, Adam Lambert to Kris Allen may be attributed to a wholesomeness factor often ignored by the entertainment industry.

I propose that those behind American Idol view Lambert's defeat as evidence of an underlying anti- gay bias among voters. As good community activists in the skewed world of Hollywood, this season's change in judges was an opportunity to confront this homophobic bias. Thus viewers to the ninth season will get a steady dose of wit from one of the nation's most well known lesbians, Ellen DeGeneres. In the seconds I have before the blogs tear into me as a bigot; allow me to give you a glimpse into how many across America's Bible belt and throughout the Midwest will be affected by this change in the show's judging personnel.

What? Blogs will tear into him? Well, okay. If we must. The rest of his drivel is after the jump. Feel free to respond in the comments section. (I'll send him the link to what you have to say about it.)

Lambert's male-on-male activities garnered the majority of 2009 Idol news coverage. Rather than distance themselves from what many American's consider perverse behavior and increase the show's image as family entertainment; the producers of American Idol went the opposite direction to make the show edgier, more trendy.

Like it or not, the multi-talented DeGeneres is more known for her same-sex sexual preference than any expertise in the music business. The most visible change in the show is one more step in making sexuality the prime topic when discussing American Idol.

Call them ignorant, homophobic, whatever, the fact remains that fewer families will view the upcoming Idol season because young girls and their traditional families are uncomfortable with the topic of homosexuality. I am confident that the producers of American Idol will be shocked when their market share has cratered, and will in all honesty find a dozen other reasons for the drop in ratings. After all, what successful television producer could have a clue what wholesomeness is as long as they see promoting homosexuality as a virtue.

Simon Cowell has announced that he'll be leaving the show at the end of this season in favor of bringing his British hit show, X Factor, to American screens. I think that would have more to do with killing the series than anything - especially since the show has been drawing fewer and fewer viewers lately. FOX is in negotiations to renew the franchise for another three years.

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As a member of Middle America (I mean, I'm from Ohio... that's kind of in the middle of America), I wanted to comment that
A) Adam Lambert had many straight teen and tween fangirls. Trust me. My sister's friend was one of them. There were a lot of people who really didn't care about his sexual orientation because they recognized he had superior pipes to that other guy. I blame his loss on certain religious right authority figures who specifically encouraged their congregations to vote for Kris Allen because they (not the tween girls) were uncomfortable with his percieved sexual orientation.
B) American Idol has gone down the tubes anyways, because, while the concept was originally interesting, it has since lost that. To be honest, the only reason I've considered watching it this season was because of Ellen. There's a reason her talk show has been succesful--she's funny, witty, and doesn't take herself so seriously. I think the network producers added her as a last ditch attempt to inject some life into the show, because she's a known TV personality with a following, not because she's a lesbian. And if the Bible Belt crowd stops watching, I think it's more because the show "jumped the shark" a while ago.

Steph is exactly right --- Ellen is the best hope for Idol --- and McCollough and his ilk are full of self-deluded crap --- or maybe they now hope to derail the whole show the way they derailed Adam Lambert.

Perhaps the show will be replaced by American Prophet, in which, after five-minute sermons, America votes for which religious lecturer touches the heart-chords of America most accurately.

And then ... OMG! ... Time for me to finally spring for cable ...

It's a dumb suggestion.

American Idol has been steadily losing the younger demographic since the show began. The highest rated demographic for Season Eight (Adam Lambert) was the 35-64 crowd (52%).

Real World D.C. which has promoted the two "bisexuals" just had 1.9 million viewers, compared to the previous Season Premier (Cancun), that had only 1.4 million viewers.

Maybe "funny lesbian" and "cute bisexuals" actually attracts viewers.

Christian Newswire is just engaged in some holy "wishful thinking." I may be also, but at least mine is positive.

Go lesbians! Go bisexuals!

Now, if we could just get some gay weathermen.

Ellen is the only reason I would turn the channel to FOX Network period. I'm sure she is able to bring a compassionate perspective to the vile Simon.
To the Haters out there: We're here, We're Queer, get over it. Human sexuality is a God-Given Attribute and your hate defines you more than my gift from God defines who I am.
Maybe if you try putting "Christ" back into Christian you'll understand the error of your ways.
Stop the Kill The Gays Bill in Uganda.
BTW: I need $900,000.00 by this weekend to keep up my gluttonous lifestyle.

AndrewW..... Now, if we could just get some gay weathermen.
Terre Haute, Indiana, had one for a while. Then the same fellow popped up on Channel 7 down in Evansville, Indiana, for many years.


This guy doesn't even have his history right. Ellen was named a judge on Ellen long before Adam Lambert's shenanigans on the AMAs.

Not a weatherman, but Chris Parente started out as a news reporter for WAVE-3 (NBC affiliate) in Louisville. Chris has a gift as much for humorous presentation as he does for the news itself --- I sometimes wondered why he doesn't switch to stand-up comedy, and indeed, I now read that theatre and improvisation are both hobbies and second careers for him. The rumor that he is gay began to circulate, and in January 2006 he transferred to KWGN-2 in Denver, a metro area where he thought he could possibly be more open without hassle. When a national story happens in Denver, I occasionally see his Denver reports get picked up nationally.

I now see via Google that Chris has even guest hosted on Kelly & Regis --- so I gather that his career is going well indeed. [Here's a link.]

Louisville has another news-or-weather man who is rumored to be gay, but I don't want to identify him because (1) with a career like that, I can sympathize (not necessarily condone, but sympathize) with someone's desire to stay in the closet, and (2) I'm not sure enough that the rumor is true (I could cite Tallulah Bankhead's famous line here). But hint: He's in about his mid-thirties and many people, including me, think he is very cute.

I never watched American Idol, and even with Ellen I wouldn't watch the show because the whole concept bores me.

The haters are making a safe prediction, and have two set responses no matter what happens:

If the show tanks; they will say look what we did, and look at the wages of sin blah blah.

If the show pulls through; this just goes to show how far off the rightous path our country has become adn we are going to pay the price for our sins blah blah.

One of those heads I win, tails you lose, sort of things

I have chosen to not view this seasons American Idol in protest for this agenda they are promoting. Besides Ellen DeGeneres's apparent lack of experience in the music industry, she is not what should be promoted as the "American Idol." In no shape, form or fashion does being a homosexual represent anything that teen girls should aspire to be or idolize. To call me a homophobic would be a misrepresentation, because I'm not afraid of it. I simply think it's wrong, as do many Americans. For all those that believe the same way I do, don't be ashamed. Just because homosexuality has the glamour of Hollywood backing it doesn't mean we have to bend under the pressure. We are the majority and we have a voice that is greater than the homosexual community can imagine. We just have to use it.