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A Quick Word About Traditional Values

Filed By Don Davis | February 09, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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We all need a good laugh these days--especially if it involves a bit of skewering the other side at the same time--and I want you to take just a second and have a look at this important message from the Traditional Canadians for the Preservation of the Traditional Definition of All Things Traditional, courtesy of the CBC's Rick Mercer Report.

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God, I love Rick Mercer.

In a nice, *traditional* way, of course. Nothin' funny.

rick mercer pulled off what might be the biggest tv prank ever, for those who don't know, busting dubya, mike huckabee, tom vilsack, and al gore for their ignorance of all things canadian, all in the same 7 minutes.

it's a work of genius, and if y'all have never seen it, do so immediately.

ROFLMAO! The Chunnel To China had be laughing so loud my office mates had to come see what was so funny. Now you have ruined production here for the rest of rhe day. Bad you. :-)

the worst part...this weekend you'll find yourself thinking, all at once: "congratulations to canada on your new woody!"