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Ban loveless marriage?

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 16, 2010 6:00 PM | comments

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This Onion report comes a little too late - the right already proved that it can't be satired here because they actually believe that loveless marriage should be illegal. It's still funny, though.

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Do you realize how many married couples our country would lose if all loveless marriages were suddenly annulled?

Even worse, do you realize how many married couples our country would lose if all currently sexless marriages were suddenly annulled?

Marriage is such a blessed state!

Normally, I use Firefox with the AdBlock Plus extension, so I miss out on most of the ads which appear on Bilerico. However, when a video won't play, I resort to using Chrome, which is what I did for this article.

An ad for the Washington Independent was a nice surprise, but the ad for a petition to "return traditional marriage to Iowa" was less of a delight. Sure, there was a silliness factor of seeing an anti-gay ad where they were unlikely to find support. And it presented the loony idea that "traditional marriage" has disappeared from Iowa - I am quite certain that heterosexuals get married here every day. And for extra effect, the embarrassment of having "Iowans for Marriage Restoration" led by Eugene Delgaudio, who is an anti-gay county official in Virginia.

But should I be annoyed that our opponents accidentally advertise here? Or take pleasure at clicking on their ad and costing them a couple pennies?

Married 43 years and ahdn't had sex for about 30 years.
I totally stand behind a law about people who don't love each other.
We hate each other