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Caption This: Lady GaGa Scarecrow is for the Birds

Filed By Waymon Hudson | February 27, 2010 1:00 PM | comments

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You just can't make this stuff up...

A UK farmer has put up a Lady GaGa inspired scarecrow because his fiance found her outfits to be scary enough to scare away the birds. And it it FIERCE!


So fire up those GaGa jokes you've been saving up, Projectors! Much more, including the outfit that inspired the look, after the jump...

Here's the report from the Daily Mail:

My fiancee Marti joked that I should make a scarecrow which looked like her. I laughed and then it occurred to me it was actually a very good idea...And Mr Britten said that so far, the 7ft tall Lady GaGa scarecrow, complete with shocking white wig made from cotton wool and dress, is keeping birds off his wheat crops which are used to grow Hovis bread. And he said that he thinks the effective design should grace many more fields across the UK.

Here's the look that inspired him:


This farmer should be on Project Runway!

I just hope the Birds don't po-po-po-poke her face... (Sorry, I had to do it!)

(huge hat tip to Towleroad for finding this!)

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One crow to all the other crows in his large flock: "Hey, look! What a lovely pure white scarecrow! Let's all take a poop on it!"

Alternate caption, same crow: "Hey, look! Somebody set up an effigy of a KKK klansman --- let's all take a poop on it!"

Second alternate caption, same crow, almost too obvious to post: "Hey look! It's Lady Gaga! Let's all take a poop on her outfit!"

Third (and final, I promise!) alternate caption, same crow: "Hey, look! I don't know what the hell this tall white thing sitting in the middle of our field is supposed to be ... but let's all take a poop on it!"

It looks like it could have come out of a Dr Who episode!

He Who Walks Behind the Rows is displeased, Malachai.