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Caption This: Real Men Marry Women

Filed By Bil Browning | February 22, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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Time for another round of Caption This! This time, we have a picture from CPAC to enliven our days and titillate our nights. Or something like that. My caption? "Because no self-respecting lesbian would ever hit this"


(Hat tip to Kirk for the photo.)

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Got three possible for ya,

"Again and again and again..."

"The things that desperate unemployed people will do to earn money."

"I had to pose for this pic. My girlfriend, boyfriend and his boyfriend triple dog dared me."

This pic makes me so glad that I have never had any interest whatsoever in being even considered a 'real man'.

Angela Brightfeather | February 22, 2010 4:44 PM

"....And blow up dolls who resemble real women."

"....Unless they are in jail for more than two weeks."

"....Who are stupid enough to believe that they won't screw anything else that moves."

"....Who are stupid enough to believe that they won't screw anything else that moves."


Betty's new bumper sticker hides an uncomfortable truth: all of boyfriends have turned gay after dating her.

Oh drat. That should read, "all of *her* boyfriends have turned gay after dating her."

"... so leave your name and number with me. Remember, I'm Luann, Swingle Dating Bachelorette 48125."

If being extremely insecure about you manhood is the only reason you'd ever go near pussy, you're probably gay to begin with.

Well, at it does say “Real men marry women” and not “Real men marry real women”
So for us M2F types, we’re in there! WOOHOO!

(sorry F2M’s, we were in there pullin for ya but the bus was stuck in reverse….)(didn’t you hear the beepbeepbeep’s?)

It says "Real Men Marry Women" ... not "A Real Man Marries A Woman" ... so apparently, real men marry women, apparently several concurrently and the more, the better. ... After all, the oldest form of marriage is polygamy!

Real men marry women... other women.

Let's hear it for gay-friendly churches and marriage celebrants!

rapid butterfly | February 23, 2010 8:52 AM

the photo is lame, no doubt, and it is good, in general, to find the humor in it.

however, please forgive me for a bit of humorlessness, but come on - we rightly criticize the religious right for deploying pictures of women whom they claim are unattractive as "the face" of lesbianism (e.g. in lesbian parental rights cases); when they do so they imply that somehow, unattractive women are less feminine as well as less deserving, one assumes, of fair treatment.

The same kinds of thoughts underlie comments such as Rachel Maddow is a man, or this or that transwoman is not a woman because she is unattractive.

so the comments like - no self respecting lesbian would "hit this," or that the woman in the photo "turned her exes gay" - it's just more of the same, but from our side, and I find that a bit of a bummer. The problem with the photo is the stupid, simplistic message she's holding, not her appearance - an appearance in which I, for one, see beauty, as I see it in many places.

The moral high ground does not win a fight nor does it amuse the troops...

... except that RB has a good point. It's the sign that's the issue, not the good lady's appearance. To demean what she looks like really is wallowing in the same gutter we decry the RR of owning.

We can get plenty of humour out of this without diving down to their level.

Personally, I thought no 'self-respecting lesbian would hit this' was referring to her being someone who would have such a sign, but I am pretty clueless when it comes to most things...

I personally do find her attractive, so maybe that led me astray from making the assessment you guys did:

*My* first thought was, "Wow, i guess i am not very self-respecting!" ;)

Carol :)

Um, yeah. I thought the reason no one wanted to date her was because she's a homophobic CPACker.

"And I know, because I am a real man"

rapid butterfly | February 23, 2010 9:06 AM

and....there ya go. QED.

If the man is man-made does that make a real man? What do the artificial men marry then? Who do the gay men marry? Real men or?
Do they marry just a woman, a man made woman, or what? What do the artificial women marry? Who do the gay women marry? Women, Real Women or? I think I am hurting my brain! Why not just let let a human marry another human at this time? We can worry about marring aliens or robots later on?

But what is a real man???????????????? You'll get a hundred different answers from a hundred different men. I wonder what the stats are on 'real' women divorcing 'real' men?

"...or men, but not artificial people of either sex such as robots."