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Celebrate: Alex's 3 year blogoversary!

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Today is Managing Editor Alex Blaze's three year blogoversary with Bilerico. His first real post (entitled, in true Alex-style, "How are you wrong? Let me count the ways.") crazycakes.jpgwas about the parents who didn't want their kid to have read King and King in Massachusetts.

Every year, Alex reminds me that his blogoversary is coming up and every year I say, "Cool. I'll post about it." and then promptly forget to do it.

Not this year! My days of being a bad blog daddy are over. So in true "Daddy" style, I invite you to stop into the comments section and give Alex a spanking. Three whacks. Plus one to grow on.

Happy Blogoversary to Alex! He's the only guy I know who would dedicate so much of his time to so little pay. We couldn't have done it without him.

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Oh I can't spank Alex. Happy blogaversary Alex keep up the good work.

Happy blogoverssary boss! ...and many moooooooore! :D

Little known fact: The third blogoversary is Tempura.

Hey Alex,

Happy blogoversary! Per Greg's point, go have some Japanese food/sushi on us. Better yet, come to Chicago and have some with me.

Thanks for all your diligence and for putting up with all the questions ("Um, Alex, for, like, the sixth time, how do I make block quotes" and "Hey, where did my post go? I've been watching for it every minute of the last half hour!!")

congratulations...and if you're looking for a "editing role model", it's hard to do better than walter burns.

Congradulations on your Blogaversery...
no spankings, and if you have an offer for tempura in Chicago run to that
(personally I love a little family Chinese place in Chicago Heights)

Thanks, y'all! And thanks for finally remembering, Bil.

Plus, Bil, it's our blogoversary. It's when the magic started - you post half-naked pics of boys, and I call people stupid. That's about half of Bilerico right there.

Bend over.

Whack! Whack! Whack!


Yay, Alex. Here's to 3 more years!