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DADT: It's Showtime

Filed By Sara Whitman | February 23, 2010 2:00 PM | comments

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Not such a great start to the week yesterday. I hurt my back. I never hurt my back. As my sister said to me, you getting OLD.


Yes, I am.

All that happened was I was horsing around with Ben in the kitchen. He jumped on my back, playfully, and bam. A giant spasm right in the middle, I couldn't move.

I have always wrestled around with the kids. Ben felt terrible and I told him it wasn't his fault- really, it wasn't. I'm getting older and I guess I can't quite do what I used to.

Can I tell you how hard that is for a former athlete to say?

It's better today but I'm sure the 800 loads of laundry I have to do won't help much. I give up. Nothing to be done, except said laundry. Pop some alleve, and get to work.

I don't like this body falling apart thing. The hot flashes are enough, thanks very much. While I was walking the dog yesterday, the wind whipping, I felt like my face was carved granite. Each wrinkle so clearly defined.

I don't mind the lines, I just never expected to feel them as much as I do.

Feel everything, every bone, every joint.

Zachary said, Mom, I'll get the cane from upstairs.


I couldn't help but shout. Raging against the dying of the light, I suppose. The cane is there for when Jeanine hurts her back, which is often. She hates using it too, but does.

No cane for me. Like I said, it's much better today. A dull ache, that's all. Big things happening this week- a bill to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell is being introduced by Senator Lieberman. Not a big fan of his, to say the least, but this is an excellent choice. Every day there is small movement, often undetected by the press, with appointments, and positions being filled with LGBT friendly folks.

Not unlike the aging process, each day creeps along and suddenly, bam! A big leap is taken.

Or back broken.

Time is a funny thing. No way to stop it- at least not yet. It's easy to get frustrated by the pace of social change- I know I do- but important to remember, it is happening.

Hold tight- it's showtime.

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I'm not sure if I'd be more frightened or turned on by the thought of you standing in the middle of a room grumpy and swinging a cane, Sara. Maybe you should send the kids off for the night and see what Jeanine thinks... :)

Speaking for those who have to use a cane, don't worry about it, they help and are easy to use. Plus they are good for swatting obnoxious youngsters when they make fun of your growing older.