Gloria Brame, Ph.D.

Funky 50s lesbian sleeze

Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | February 10, 2010 5:30 PM | comments

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Tags: gender roles, lesbian erotica, lesbian history, lesbian kitsch, sexist

Proving that in a world without men, all lesbians walk around in their underwear.


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wait, what -- they don't?

Oh man, I am SOOO not gonna be a lesbian.


*quickly runs before shoes and epitaphs are thrown at her*

wow I didnt know they did that great pics your finding and as someone who works in the fashion industy I love looking at the old styles.Gotta love the scarry font they used in the title to spell Lesbianism.

I love the factual concept of the picture of how lesbianism takes place from the past, it might be more exciting to see these kind of old stuffs just like seeing the Bonnaroo 2010. Lesbianism nowadays might evolve in other ways but one thing I love about it – it’s not that obvious than other transgender relationship we usually see. Anyway, in fashion industry gays and lesbian are very much welcome in this photo taken – even gays designers can do some elaborations in their models bodies (no malice, of course!) to further widen the artistic concept of their designs in both make-up and clothes. Hope to see more picture’s like this.