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Housing discrimination isn't illegal in West Virginia

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 23, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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A lesbian couple in West Virginia says they were denied housing because they were lesbian. Also, the media coverage was surprisingly good, stressing the fact that they have no legal recourse for this discrimination.

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Why do you find the fact that the media covered the story fairly to be "surprising?" If you stop assuming that those of us in the south, in Appalachia and in rural places are biggots (while Seattle responds to its umpteenth bashing in a year; California makes excuses for voting against gay marriage and affirmative action, and English only education; and every affluent suburb on the eastern seaboard is filled with white people who move their children as far from a black kid as possible) then we'll be apt to join your big, fancy, metropolitan-focused coalitions. Until then we're going to speak truth to power right where we are...and sadly you'll never notice.

I just can't start my day properly without a comment like that!

Surprising because MSM coverage of gay issues usually sucks. Especially on discrimination issues. Especially when it's easier just to present the case instead of discussing the laws that pertain to the issue.

Plus I don't live in Seattle or California. Plus most of California counts as "rural." Plus I don't own a big fancy coalition. Plus speaking truth to power doesn't accomplish anything. Plus I'll probably notice because I spend up to two hours every morning searching for LGBT news, which is how I found this video.

Wow, this response is so inappropriate I don't know where to start.

Alex was simply stating that the media as a whole, is infamous for lack of accurate reporting when it comes to GLBT issues. For the record, the "South" and several others states that are not part of that region, are known for their intolerance of folks like us. Do your homework on the states that have no protection legally for GLBT citizens.
Of course gay bashings happen everywhere. It doesn't mean Seattle is less tolerant, it means gays there are more comfortable being open about their sexuality, therefore they are easier targets. Funny you should mention racism, because it's just as alive in well in the South as anywhere else.
Your rebuttal reeks of defensiveness, a clear sign of guilt. I'm not moving to Alabama anytime soon...or Mississippi...or Arkansas.

Alex - You did better than me on covering this, and I live within WSAZ's broadcast area, so to speak. If it weren't for the Olympic's I'd probably have been watching that channel after Ellen and caught it. As it is, you scooped me and I live here.

Curious has an odd point, our media outlets, particularly in Charleston, are fiercely liberal - today is FairnessWV lobby day at the state capitol, and I expect good coverage, which surprised me when I moved back last year. It's almost a reaction to the reputation of being backwards.

But that bleeds out rather quickly the further you get from Charleston. By the time you hit Beckley, where I'm at, you have a substantial newspaper that has Bible quotes on the Editorial pages, so you're right there.

The trick is that even the conservative newspaper can't get past the "fairness issue" locally. My newspaper probably would have been outraged if they'd covered it, because it violates the local sense of "don't think about it, it doesn't affect you" that we all get by on. It's so deeply ingrained in WV culture.

Nice touch getting this up on lobby day. I couldn't make it down to Charleston, but I have a feeling this story hit WSAZ as part of the coordinated effort FairnessWV is going for. a lack of kindness to the neighbors - even lesbian neighbors - won't set well will legislators.