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It's not a democracy

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"We've never assessed the force because it's not our practice to go within our military and poll our force to determine if they like the laws of the land."

--US Navy Admiral Gary Roughead on why soldiers shouldn't be polled in DADT

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The answer to this is really very simple. You do not vote on human rights! There does not need to be a poll, a discussion or a committee. The Constitution guarantees equal rights to all Americans. Therefore gay people have the right to serve in the military as who they are. There should be no discussion. There should never have been a ban. There have been gays in the military at least back to World War 2 and a whole bunch in Vietnam when they drafted almost anyone who was male and didn't use a wheelchair (although I did know a guy who pretended to be gay to avoid the draft. He wore lace panties to his draft physical. Desperate measures for desperate times).

The ban in the first place was just a Republican reaction to their loss of legal discrimination against African-Americans. Bigots needed a new scapegoat and gays were just about the only group left.