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And while your decision may be an easy one, someone else's is a tad more difficult...


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I find this just plain disrespectful. I don't think it's funny at all. If you're got constructive criticism, great, but this is just plain bitter. If you like this kind of humor, fine, but if you ask me its just low.

Okay, now you have me curious.

"Bitter"? I dont see a lot of bitterness there, sorry. I do feel our fierce advocate hasnt exactly been forthcoming with how he really feels about us (you know, when the polls arent open). He's been tap-dancing up a storm, particularly when it comes to DADT.

This isnt exactly news.

Constructive criticsm? I doubt the Commander in Chief reads Bilerico, but what the hey: on the off-chance he does, here's my suggestion -- cut the crap on DADT. Sit your generals down and explain to them in words of one syllable (if need be) who's running the operation and what's expected. If they're not interested in following orders, there's the door.

There. Constructive enough?

Look, maybe you think we need a year long review of this silly-ass policy, but I dont. It's pretty clear that the Fierce Advocate is dragging his feet until after the mid-term elections, for fear that moving any faster will hurt his party's chances to keep their majority. Maybe you think that the War That Never Ends is a great idea, but I dont. There's exactly zero strategy behind it, save to keep it going in perpetuity for some insane reason known only to the brass inside the Pentagon. Well, so be it. In that regard, the idea of moving troops two at a time in Smart cars is just as insane as anything else they *have* tried, so why not? A little more insanity cant hurt, I suppose.

But "bitter"? Sorry, friend, you'll have to explain that sometime. Disappointed, maybe. But trust me: if I was bitter about this, you'd know. LOL

Have a good day, eh?