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Olympic Pants!

Filed By Sean Martin | February 17, 2010 1:00 PM | comments

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Isn't it fascinating that some Olympic uniforms just seem to engender controversy, while others...


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Did you see Azerbaijan's pants during the opening ceremony? They were kick-ass.

I think my faves thus far were the, and white domino-patterned ones worn by one of the curling teams: the Danish, if Im not mistaken.

It's certainly been an interesting Olympics as far as uniforms, that's for sure.

Yes heaven forfend that anyone dis snowboarding's counter culture ethos at a logo encrusted sponsor-fest like the Olympics.

Exactly. I had to laugh when this guy from the American team does the whole media thing and plays it out in front of a backdrop practically caked with corporate sponsorship logos. "Counterculture," indeed. LOL

And then for the IOC to turn around and say, "Eh. We dont really care either way," seemed more than a bit... uhm... odd, considering their almost hardline stand on... oh, I dunno... women's volleyball? :-)


Whatever that means.

But, your cartoon brings back memories for me of the early nineties, when I first became familiar with the expression "tight love". Of course, anyone who ever had a problem with that never expressed any reservations about "busting a sag". Kids ta day . . .???

Is sagging over? I remember that that was already kinda old when I was in 7th grade in Indiana.

I don't know. When I was in the seventh grade people were still wearing saddle shoes. Remember those? That was about four years before the Byrds were singing about pants too tight being alright. I bet you're a few years younger than my kids. There's still a lot of Carhartt and unlaced Timberland around here mixed in with the stovepipes. I am not quite sure about the bell bottoms, although, I have boot cuts on, myself. Everything old is new again, I guess, unless you're into snowboarding. I don't want to get into it with the speed suits.