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President Obama is back! Republicans looked sick at Health Care Reform Summit

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I fell in love with President Obama again today during the Health Care Summit. He stood out above the right vs. left politics that has frozen health care reform in the legislature.

By the end of the summit the Republicans looked ill. Perhaps they were just exhausted after being called out on their lies, like their fable that old people will lose their health insurance under reform. Pelosi called bullsh*t on that one.

The President was above so-called "politics as usual." He willingly acknowledged that health care reform may not be politically wise for Republicans, but he challenged them to do the right thing for the constituents who need reform most.

While the President shined, the Republicans looked sick.

CNN interrupted the broadcast several times to hear what their pundits had to say. It was terribly annoying.

The Republican pundits kept trying to say, "Americans don't want health care reform crammed through Congress." How out of touch can you get? Crammed through Congress? We are on month 13 of this debate -- this time around. The health care debate has been going on for decades.

Absurdity ensued inside the meeting too. John McCain had the audicity to claim the Senate needed 60 votes to have a majority.

The Republicans are so out of touch it is disturbing. They're trying to prevent reconciliation, a process that subverts the minority party's ability to hold up legislature through the filibuster. Reconciliation is a fancy word for majority rules. And no, John McCain, a majority is not 60 votes. It is at least 51 votes. You know, the same kind of majority that put the Democratic Party into office, and the same kind of majority of Americans that want health care reform.

Meanwhile, as Obama correctly pointed out over and over again today, "The Ameircan people don't care about process." The don't. They care about getting a bill through that will actually make a difference.

The Republicans stand warned. They can either be part of this historic legislation that will unquestionably save the lives of millions of people, or they can continue to be the mouth pieces for the multi-billion dollar insurance monopolies. Either way, the President is moving forward, the majority is moving forward, and the American people are moving forward.

And while we wait for the Republicans to try to spin their way out of the truth, I hope we get more of this Obama. I want him to continue to hold both parties accountable. No more BS, just open government and a legislative process that works. If he can continue to do that, he will easily get my vote in 2012.

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I, too, was glad to see the return (at least publicly) of the feisty, clear-headed and firm Obama- gave me and my hopes a bit of a boost as well.

You "fell in love with President Obama again"?

Nothing better demonstrates how so many let him get us in this mess to start with. And by mess I mean something in addition to the health care reform debacle and something much bigger.

We could fund a lot of AIDS services programs if we had the proverbial dime for every time someone has accurately pointed out that the causes of that debacle are the same as the DADT repeal debacle, namely Mr. Obama's inability to lead from the start or confront opposition before it grows too large to defeat.

And not only are real health care reform and DADT repeal unnecessarily in peril because of his weaknesses but a brand new political monster grew out of the vacuum he left over last summer and, thus, tea bags have become political bombs as evidenced by the mindboggling, disastrous loss of Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate and the predicted carpet bombing of Congress this November.

What's in his revised health care plan for "undescended testicles"?

"IN LOVE with him"????? I shudder to think what reactions will be when he's seen standing next to the GLEE Gay Kid at this year's White House Crumbs Party er Easter Egg Hunt.

Angela Brightfeather | February 26, 2010 12:53 PM

The most valuable thing that I got out of the health summit that the President clearly identified, was the philosophical differences between the post Republican/Reagan thinking and the pre-Reagan period between the end of WWII and up to Reagan, of unprecedented growth, employment and prosperity.

Obama made it very clear that the "trickle down" philosophy of the "Gipper" just isn't working and has not been working worth a damn and it's pretty obvious why that is. Health care is just another symptom of everything wrong with trickle down thinking, designed to believe that if the rich get richer, they will build factories and create production for the average Joe to earn a living doing. The Democrats never believed that would happen, especially those who had experience with it like the unions, and they were 100% right, as evidenced by multimillion bonuses to the already rich CEO's of companies that are on the brink of failure.

Obama needs to put his foot down and explain this to the American public even more. That government has to step in when the private sector is so abusive that it costs people their lives. That is what happened with sweat shop laws, construction deaths creating OSHA, Medicare and many other standards that have improved the lives of the average American.

At the same time, Obama has got to get the message out that those who expect to get public assistance as a right of citizenship, must move more towards assisting themselves and stop feeding of the government. This is evident in immigration laws, welfare and failing to have health insurance.

In order for revised health reform to work, there has to be some give from the rich and some from the already assisted or those to be assisted.

What I do know is the the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan in the next few years with people like myself who are Boomers entering the assisted catagory by the millions. They don't have time for many more of these debates and they have to settle on a basic philosophy of respective equalization across the board for everyone.

"In order for revised health reform to work, there has to be some give from the rich and some from the already assisted or those to be assisted."

Why is that Angela?

The rich have all they'll ever need and more. Way more. Yet, with Obama's and Congressional handouts they continue to loot the economy we built.

Our wages and standard of living have done down steadily because of the unionbusting, FTAs and deregulation of Nixon, Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton and Obama. Now we're deep into a recession or a depression.

So why should we give away the little we're still holding onto. Why compromise with them? Do they need a new yacht? Aren't a dozen mansions enough? Do they really need another Maybach Landaulet? What more do these vampires need? What have we got that they haven't already parasitized?

Please... My cat can talk circles around Republicans. Trust me, politically I'm way left of you or Obama. I voted for him but I am under no illusions. The man is a politician and therefore not to be trusted. As for talking circles around Republicans, that bar is so low that the Limbo dancing champion of the world would find it impossible to dance under.

"... Obama again today during the Health Care Summit. He stood out above the right vs. left politics that has frozen health care reform in the legislature."

That might make some sense if the health care scams of the Democrats or Republicans were anthing more than gifts to insurance companies. But they aren't.

Obama wants a bill, any bill, that he can sign and then declare victory. But it won't be socialized medicine so most of us will pay through the nose. Meanwhile working people will continue to be gouged by capitalist drug and insurance companies and HMOs. 50,000 working people and unemployed people a year will continue to die from bad care or no care.

The pathetically inadequate 'reforms' promised by both parties, even the mcuh misunderstood 'public option' are just giveaways to the HMOs, the insurance industry and big Pharma. None provide for full coverage for health, mental illnesses, dental and vision needs and long-term care.

The House version of the Democrat health care package parcels out a few minor reforms and adds to it a huge attack on the right to choice and a racist decision to exclude immigrant and imported workers from any coverage. Republicans love it's anti-choice and racist provisions.

What we really need is socialized medicine. Just like Reid and Pelosi, just like McConnell and Boehner. And Obama.

That's very unlikely because the White House and Congress were long ago bought by insurance giants, HMOs and Big Pharma. Congressional 'leaders' from both parties gorged at the trough, taking in $28 million in 'contributions'. Obama got an additional $18.6 million.

According to the Huffington Post Obama "has hosted at least 27 meetings with some of the most influential private health-industry executives ..." and tried to keep them a secret until exposed by the LA TIMES.

His 'reforms are anything but. They'll require people to pay exorbitant prices for private insurance and then, at the end they'll get to meet someone like Linda Pino, CMO at Humana.

Socialized medicine is the only viable answer.

People who voted for Obama or McCain owe the rest of us a big apology.

Angela Brightfeathr | February 27, 2010 1:27 PM

"So why should we give away the little we're still holding onto. Why compromise with them? Do they need a new yacht? Aren't a dozen mansions enough? Do they really need another Maybach Landaulet? What more do these vampires need? What have we got that they haven't already parasitized?"

So Bill, when was the last time you were in Manila, or most any other country in the world?
Even in the mid area income we have it pretty good in comparison.

When it comers to Health Care, the people on the left have to be more understanding of the situation with illegal immigration and it's impact on the system and the people on the right have to understand that there has to be much more control of the insurance industry.

The Presidnet and his group pointed out a lot of areas that reform in thier bill is addressed, but I didn't hear them say anything about curtailing the costs that keep on adding up in some areas that need to be restricted. The Republicans are still acting like the shills of the insurance industry by refusing to accept any controls that are need on on price increases.

It affects me directly regarding medicare since I will be applying for that myself in a few months. But since I am not retired and don't ahve any plans to in the near future nand I have decent coverage from work, it's easy for me to say that I could hold of applying for another few years. If I can do that, then the insurance companies should be willing to lessen my gap insurance when I do retired and decide to use medicare. There are lots of areas like this that can be worked out. But as long as the far right and the far left continue to remain entrenced in one getting whatever they can for free through the government and the other continuing to follow corporate guidelines of making the maximum they can and banking it in Swiss accounts, you and I will continue to get screwed.

There is no doubt that there has to be moves to the center by both sides and I feel that after listening to many of the arguments from both sides, that my feelings about it are moving more towards the middle, along with many other Americans. So the question seems to be how do we get that feeling across to those who refuse to move at all, yet claim to represent us? We can argue all day about the infinite and detailed issues that are far right or far left, but in our minds we also know that there has to be movement on both sides of the arguement to accomplish anything and move on to the other important issues that affect our lives.

Our Fierce Advocate.

What a joke... on us.