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Queer music Friday - Rob Halford (of Judas Priest)

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I'll admit I didn't know Rob Halford, the frontman from Judas Priest, was gay until just this week. I'm not a huge Priest fan. But I also was surprised to learn that they just won their first Grammy last week too, Best Metal Performance for "Dissident Aggressor."

I couldn't find a well-recorded performance of that song on YouTube, and so I was going to put up the fun video to "Breaking the Law." Instead, I stumbled on this on YouTube, "Diamonds and Rust," and it's a much better song. Ever notice how the front men and women of metal bands tend to be better singers than lots of pop singers on the radio?

More videos and Halford talking about "LGBT metalheads," after the jump.

And here's "Breaking the Law." Still a fun video.

Here's "Love Bites." Love the sentiment.

Here's Halford discussing LGBT metalheads with PlanetOut:

Along those same lines, I love metal, but I rarely meet mo's that are Metallica heads. So I'm curious, do you think that heavy metal is still a straight man's arena?

First, I think it's great that you're a metalhead. I also think that we go as far as stereotyping ourselves, like if you're gay, you've got to be into leather or the white party circuit. I don't understand that because we already have a lot of difficulties. At the end of the day, it's freedom of choice, but we shouldn't be pecking away at each other. There's no doubt that there are LGBT metalheads all over world, because I see them throwing up the devil sign at my shows. Yes, we're a minority within a minority, but metal is for everyone. It's a great kind of rock 'n' roll music.

Do you really notice specific audience members when you're performing?

Absolutely, that's just human instinct. But you can't do that mid-song, because if you see something you like in the front row, it starts running through your brain as you're trying to remember the words.

What we do, that's me doing my job, so I'm focused 100 percent on doing the best that I can do. That's in essence combining performance with other talented people onstage and zeroing in on someone, when you want to get the best moment out of that song.

If you saw somebody and thought 'That's a great looking guy,' that's a fact of life, in terms of recognition -- remembering a face from a concert after the concert. It definitely takes place.

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A classic Joan Baez vehicle gets a new metal flake finish. Lovin' it to death!

Christopher D | February 8, 2010 3:31 PM

Judas Priest first covered Baez on Sin After Sin, from 1977! I do love me some Priest. I swear at least one of their other older songs has some crypto-homo lyrics about Fire Island.

Christopher, that song would be "Raw Deal", from the 'Sin After Sin' album. Pretty explicit endorsement of/claim for gay rights.