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For a variety of reasons, there are lots of new readers on the Bilerico Project this month. Welcome! Here's some information about commenting.

If you're unregistered and try to leave a comment, it will have to be approved by someone on the editorial team. You'll have to wait, and between the trips Bil and I take, as well as the irregular schedules we both keep, it could take a few hours. But if you register to comment, they'll appear automatically.

Instead of just leaving a comment, click "Sign in or create an account to comment," just above the "Name" field. Follow the steps to register, and then leave a comment. We'll approve your account after your first comment and you'll be able to participate in discussions here a lot faster.

This helps reduce the spam we get here at the Bilerico Project, which, without our filters in place, would be an awful problem (we receive several hundred spam comments a day). Our last filter is not publishing comments from unregistered users. This is just part of the reality of the internet today; no one is withholding your comment because you're too edgy, too smart, or because you're speaking truth to power.

Thanks for registering, and I'll see you in the comments.

Also, if you've had trouble registering, please leave a comment and we'll get that sorted out.

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When you Register it also creates a record. I was recently blocked from commenting by John Aravosis at after an exchange about the effectiveness of politics.

John makes a living as a political consultant, so it was just self-preservation. Given the importance of accountability for our movement, it's a good idea to have a record, especially when conversation is censored for personal, financial reasons.