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Rep. Nancy 'Anal Sex in Schools' Elliott: Liar, Liar...

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New Hampshire Representative Nancy Elliott became youtube/Sally Kern famous last week when she gave a detailed rant on gay male sex and made the ridiculous claim that a fifth grade class had been instructed to draw two men having anal sex because of marriage equality.

Well, it looks like we weren't the only ones who could smell her pants on fire as she spewed her lies. Nashua Alderman Diane Sheehan sought to have Rep. Elliott removed from office unless she either substantiated or recanted her big fat lie:

"Either turn in the name of the 'mother' whose child was subjected to this alleged display of pornography to the Nashua Police Department, as required by law to protect the children, or recant and apologize publicly."

"If neither of those two actions take place in the next 48 hours, I will begin exploring action to prosecute for false statement, and your removal from office," Sheehan wrote.

Care to take any guesses about whether Elliott could substantiate her outrageous claims? Read her weak mea culpa after the jump...

The Nashua Telegraph printed this statement from Elliott in response:

During the executive session on House Bill 1590 I made a statement concerning the curriculum in the Nashua school system which I believed to be true. Upon inquires from the speaker, I repeated the statement.

This statement made in the Judiciary Committee had caused some controversy so I went back to my source for the statement to verify the information that I had received. I found that I could not confirm the accuracy of the information.

I am compelled by the fact that the statement cannot be verified that I withdraw the statement I made in committee last Tuesday regarding the Nashua schools.

I was told shortly before the hearing on HB 1590 that what I later said had happened and I firmly believed it to be so. It is for that reason and because of its relevance that I brought it up to the committee.

I would have never said anything in the performance of my duties as a state representative that I did not believe was true or relevant.

I am presenting this letter at the first committee meeting of Judiciary since last Tuesday. I do so at the earliest opportunity in order to make clear I am withdrawing what I said regarding the Nashua schools.

I would like to apologize to Judiciary Committee, the Nashua public schools and its employees and the speaker as well as anyone else affected by what I said.

I will try much harder in the future to verify fully my statement.

Mr. Chairman I would appreciate your putting this statement into the file on HB 1590 so that someone looking at the file would understand my statement was inaccurate.

Translation: I'm a big liar who made this homophobic rant up to scare the bejeezus out of everyone, but I got caught.

Funny how she only decided to "verify" the information her mythical source gave her (I picture the "source" riding a unicorn having tea with Big Foot and the loch Ness Monster, but that's just me) only after she got called to the mat for her outrageous lie. I guess it never crossed her mind to be truthful or get verification before.

Also interesting that Elliott, who is president of the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women, listed her sorrys to everyone, yet she didn't apologize to the LGBT community- you know the group she made her lies about.

Stay Classy, Nancy Elliott. I think you're bigotry is showing...

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The most interesting part is that she automatically assumed it to be true. Seriously? I mean, who really thinks that schoolkids are being instructed to draw two men having anal sex? What kind of art class did she have in 5th grade?

>> "I will try much harder in the future to verify fully my statement."

Gosh, yeah, that's a really good idea, Nancy. Maybe next time, depend on more information than something you got from someplace like NOM.

How do these people get elected? Seriously, it seems we've had a spate of these clowns for the past few years, and I hontesly cant believe the electorate in her district is this stupid.

Bil; just to be stupid and supercilious? If my drawing of two men having sex was accepted at St. Mary's School in Lorain, Ohio? I might've gotten an 'A' in the class :) Instead I got a knuckle rap (with a ruler) from Sr. Elizabeth Ann. 'High art' can be very cruel. (It also hurts!)

But don't forget, we all need to thank Nashua Alderman/person Diane Sheehan for calling Elliott's bluff on this whole issue. It's this kind of action that the LGBT community needs to be taking more and more often -- direct and to the point.