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Showering with the gays in the military

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"Oh, oh, it's like every single time my high school used to play the football team from the gay high school across town, where they bused all the gay students who would ordinarily have been mixed in among us, like, unbeknownst.

Long story short, after every game a drill bit would come whizzing through the shower tile, and our players would be forced to screech and cover their private parts with helmets and towels as laughter and wolf whistles echoed in the opposite stall. And then if you did it back to them, they'd just make these naked vogueing poses or pretend to be humping with comedy woo! and heh-heh! faces. I mean no, fine, not gays showering with straights exactly, but one time the tip of a penis came poking through the hole, and everybody stared at it like aaah! as it pushed through, and everyone was like ohshit! as it kept thrusting through the wall, and then it fell right out onto the floor and bounced rubberishly as the opposite stall cracked up laughing, and pardon me, but that was gaying it with some estimable gayness, right there.

Imagine if they're in the same stall as you. We're talking synchronized soap-dropping and breakout choruses of 'Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair,' and just imagine."

--Gavin at Sadly, No! on the DADT debate

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