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Watch the Dr. Oz segment on trans youth

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 25, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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Dr. Oz did a segment on trans youth that was pretty hyped before it happened. Part 2 is after the jump. What do you all think?

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Was it just those 2 segments? I thought it was great! I'm sure everyone wants to know why these children feel the way they do, but that would take a while to address, since we don't really have concrete answers, although there are some clues and theories.

It's encouraging to see such loving parents.

It's progress to see attention paid to this important topic. It helped my understanding.

It is a great show regarding Transsexuals but Dr. Oz wears emerald-colored glasses and makes it sound that only those who are Transsexual are Transgender. This was discussed in a note/thread last night from a FB friend that puts it accurately that Dr Oz was trans-excluding by not mentioning the GenderQueer, the Crossdressers, etc, et al.

No ballon ride home on this one, Dr. Oz.

I've read that FB post and I very much understand the concern about other parts of the trans community being ignored. However... this was a 15 minute segment. It was incredibly short. For someone like Dr. Oz who really doesn't know that much about trans issues to then get into fairly complex spectrums of gender expression and identity is perhaps too much to expect. As several people mentioned in the FB thread, it may be up the GQ and CD communities to do more targeted media activism on their own (they're likely larger in number than transsexual people are) and explaining their respective Identities and expression separate from transsexual transitions, children's issues, androgyny, etc. all at once. One of the issues inherent in the "transgender umbrella" is it creates such a complex mix of identity spectrums and expression that it becomes unwieldy to explain in one limited show.

I very much appreciate how Dr. Oz did NOT see fit (as Dr. Phil and Tyra have) to include a "expert" from Narth or some such group in the need for "fairness." There was a respect for his young guests and their families which I don't see on other shows (including the recent embarrassing Oprah show with Kim Reed, where she actually made a pathetic joke about Kim singing "if I was a boy."???!!!

I note that the paediatrician said that these families were "at one end of the spectrum". I have no idea how the rest of the show played out, but I was really glad to see the respectful way the host approached the kids and their families.

Excuse me?....
Transsexual children have specific issues, needs and lives. The only reason the term "transgender" is being used in shows like this is because trans activists erased transsexuality. But it is totally different and you can take away the word but the concept remains and rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of "transgender activism" because it is totally different.

This sort of educational outreach was done by adults in the late eighties and nineties and was erased, now that this transsexual specific issue of children is being raised, you'd have this erased again by confusing the issues with crossdressing? Gender queerness? Do you understand what happens to these children if you manage to roll back the understanding and make sure a crossdressing teen is confused with a transsexual girl? This sort of common sense parental support most of us would have killed for as children is gone, vanished, erased.

And people wonder why women of transsexual history fight the TG concept. This sort of opinion is very hard for me not to see as pure evil.

Alex, do you have any idea what the audience reaction was like. During the interviews they seemed pretty quiet.

It was particularly telling when Josey cracked a big smile when the pediatrician called her a girl.

I think this is amazing. The overall tone is respectful, curious, compassionate. Even people in the queer community are routinely much less respectful and compassionate toward trans people, so for this very mainstream TV show to present trans children in such a positive light is kind of breathtaking.

Dear GenderQueer allies:

I did the work to make the above videos available to everyone, I would gladly post whatever educational material you have, or may produce.

much of the work that made the Dr. Oz segment happen in the first place was done by Kim Pearson.

she is the Executive Director of TransYouth Family Allies as well as President of PFLAG Transgender Network. her passion is education and advocacy for gender variant and transgender children.


if you find yourself represented, please donate, or volunteer.