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Weiner Is a Winner for Telling It like It Is

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Did you catch Rachel Maddow Wednesday? You won't need your V-8 after this clip.

Maddow played a video excerpt from C-SPAN. Business as usual for Capital Hill Congress until irate New York congressman Anthony Weiner took to the podium with a vengeance.

His was an adrenalin-rush of a rant reminiscent of 1976 Oscar-Award winning film, "Network". Back in the day Peter Finch delivered the classic line, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore".

Sometimes a cold slap in the face is a good thing. In this C-SPAN thriller Mr. Weiner served a wakeup call to the desperate need for health care AND political party reform.

Video and more after the jump.

Not once, not twice, but three times at the podium Congressman Weiner denounced the hypocritical Republican Congress for their "just say no" defiance of legitimate health care reform--of any economic reform crucial to the well-being of middle class America.

Right on, Congressman Weiner. Tell it like it is. We need more reality checks infused into the daily dialogue of a morbidly corrupt, morally bankrupt, fat-cat political system.

Earlier today a fellow blogger bemoaned several issues from automotive recalls to health insurance company greed likening them to "train wrecks". Usually his home-spun observations make good natured anecdotes. The stuff of dreams on which modern Americana had been built. Regretfully, these days there is far more to lament than celebrate. Here's an excerpt from Alan's blog "Lost in a World Awhirl".

"Got in the truck to run errands and heard someone from Wellpoint explaining that they had to raise their rates 39% to cover their costs. When she was asked about her salary she said she got $1.3 million a year in salary, $8.5 million in stock options and another $73,000 for something else."

Health care is of particular interest to me. It's indicative of the greater issue eroding America: Control of the economic elite, the ruling minority.

The rich get richer and the middle class continues its economic freefall. 1% of Americans own 75% of ALL American wealth. Yup, explains a lot when it comes to unconscionable health care premiums increases, credit card rate abuse, Wall Street fraud, precipitous home foreclosure and unabated job loss.

The economic elite not only control monetary policy, they gate-keep conservative spin to do so. Gross distortion of fact is dumbed-down into clever catch phrases aimed at hitting an emotional, "below the belt" chord with a frustrated middle-America. Socialism, communism, fascism. Name your "ism" the elite will spin it to their advantage.

Ironically, this rhetorical nonsense scratches a deep, festering societal itch, placating the uninformed masses who mind-numbingly take their dutiful place in a self-destructive line. Like a bunch of distracted grade-schoolers lining up for recess, they gleefully drink the Kool-Aid--even as the world around them withers, collapses and falls away.

Ignorance is bliss, the uninformed are blind.

It's time to open our eyes, inform ourselves and proactively engage the political process to control our own destiny.

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I posted a link to that on twitter last night. that was a good video.

would have been nice if weiner called out the dems who are bought and paid for too.