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Action Alert: Help support same sex marriage recognition in Maryland

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Equality Maryland has been working hard ever since their Attorney General issued an opinion that basically said same sex couples that married out of state will have relationship recognition when they return home. For many residents who may choose to take the short drive to Washington DC where couples began to marry this week, the opinion was welcome.

There are still lingering questions for these couples so Equality Maryland and Partners put together a FAQ (.pdf) to help answer questions for same sex married couples traveling to or living in Maryland.

But even with this important opinion, protections for same sex couples remain vulnerable. You can help stop a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage in Maryland, or even the possible impeachment of the Attorney General (and here), by sending a strong message that we expect Maryland to start issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples as soon as possible. This is how you can help.

1) Please sign the petition below and share it on all you social networks

You can access the petition here:

2) Consider making a contribution to the Emergency Attorney General Opinion Fund. Equality Maine needs to match the intensity of our opponents NOM and the Catholic Church.

3) If you live in Maryland, send a letter, e-mail, tweet, make a phone call, and schedule a visit with your representatives. Tell them you support equal treatment under the law for all of Maryland's representatives.

The Attorney General stuck his neck on the line for our community, it is time for the community to do it's part and support the Attorney General. Thank you for your help!

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Bil said give you a hard time, so post something that we can give you a hard time about. This one was too cool and informative try again.
These clowns are going to fight every step of the way. Sometimes it just gets tiring and hard to keep fighting. But they are not giving up so we can't give up.

Oh just wait until later this afternoon. You'll have plenty to poke fun at :)

Marriage should not be dinied to anyone wheather by sex, religion, skin clor, ancestry or any other stuff as our U.S constitution says and why are we violating it this is RIDICULOUS!!!!

Homosexuals should have the same rights as us. Who denies their marriage, is definitely discriminating them.