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Attack Of The Heretic Over-The-Hill Spice Girl Anti-Christ

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In the fearful, homophobic, panicky and reactionary world of Roman Catholic traditionalists and the neurotic camp-followers of B16, there was a dust-up over my Bilerico article about the fledgling "Catholics for Equality" organization.

The article contained some errors, one of which has been fixed. (The writer had listed me as Father Tony Bilerico! Bil favors the more southern lilt of Tony Billie Rico!)

The article suggested that the recent attack by Cardinal George on New Ways Ministry was perpetrated in retaliation for the formation of "Catholics for Equality" as outlined in the Bilerico post. I don't know if I agree with that cause-and-effect assertion, but of more interest were the 95 comments that ensued.

Reading these comments is a clarifying tour of the twisted thinking of those Catholics who are adamantly against Catholic equality for queers and women and married folks. They see themselves as faithful followers of their bishops. They can't imagine the possibility that their bishops are wrong.

This set of comments includes almost every major assertion used to deny queer Catholics their rights:

it's a disorder, like alcoholism
it's a choice
it's a mortal sin
gay is OK but gay sex is sinful
tradition teaches us that its wrong
the bishops have the magisterial authority
it's a cross to bear
the bible tells us it's wrong
some things really are black or white

This thread should be read by anyone attempting to understand the homophobia embraced by the far right of American Catholicism.

I was amused by their hysterical demands that I unveil myself in detail, as if I were not already overexposed in a number of venues! This, however, is an admirable zinger, and one I wish I had written myself:

I googled "Father Tony Adams, wiki" and the name which appeared first was Victoria Beckham. So, either you aren't as famous as you'd like to believe or the internet is having trouble distinguishing over-the-hill spice girls.

spice girl.jpg

Some gave me more credit than I deserve:

Now you, Tony Adams, used by these dark forces, collaborate in the overthrow of Western morals.

While these comments are important in order to "know thine enemy", we ought not lose sight of the fact that this ship of fools is a distorted copy of the vessel of Christ which is the true Catholic Church, a church that was and will be welcoming and inclusive of all. Those traditionalists have tried their best to push aside the real Jesus and to steer the ship in their own religious and clubbish image. They are now in the shallows and dangerously close to the rocks. Want proof? Take a look at this recent and startling survey conducted by their very own plumed Knights of Columbus, some startling pages of which makes it clear that the youngest Catholics (the Millenials) don't think there is anything wrong with gay and also don't think that there is anything wrong with Catholics practicing other religions! The kids are OK! That is why none of this worries me. The battle for equality in the Catholic Church will probably be over within my lifetime. We'll have women priests, married priests and openly gay priests. Popes, cardinals and bishops who are sexually obsessed with the placement of the American penis during sex will be shooed out of the bedrooms of American Catholics and will die off.

Meanwhile, I will continue to be a comfortably retired vox clamantis in deserto. And to all of my readers who continuously wonder why I bother with the Catholic Church when there are other welcoming churches all around us, I can only say that I don't want another church. The Catholic Church is MY church. I am its ordained voice. Saying these things is probably exactly why I was ordained. It just took me a few decades to figure it out. Those homophobes have hijacked my church and I want it back. They have the real estate, the gold, the red silks and the pointy hats, but the heart of the American Catholic is with those who ask for equality and are filled with the Spirit of Jesus despite their bishops' frantic attempts to deny them the grace of God.

The expensive infrastructure will eventually collapse without the financial support of American Catholics who have begun to see their bishops as wrong-headed and who have already politely begun to ignore B16, to doubt his infallibility and to resent his cold-hearted mistreatment of the flock. The only good side effect of the pedophile priest scandal is the opening of the eyes of the Catholic laity who will take it upon themselves to cure the sickness that has debilitated their leadership. We are entering an age when the sheep must guide the shepherds back onto the correct path.

I won't be hurt if they continue to call me a heretic, an apostate, and the anti-Christ. I'll be glad if you simply call me a prophet, albeit a lazy one.

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Ooh! "... the overthrow of Western morals." I can hardly wait!

Father Tony, I agree with you about the idea that it is your church and I appreciate your position that the phobes have taken it over.
I am siting here thinking it through and I realize that were my religion being taken over by phobes it would not stop me and I know that there are some local groups that are run by phobes.
Mine is not at all centralized like Catholicism and is mostly run at the local level in relatively small groups with a few lose federations of groups.
A few years ago my oldest son was outed and he was newly holding a local position. The question was asked by someone if his being gay would exclude him from that position according to the earliest cultural laws and traditions known. I happen to be the one locally who knows the most about that particular subject of the oldest known Irish traditions and laws and especially how they relate to homosexuality. I showed everyone how silly the question was since even after Ireland became completely Catholic there were never laws against homosexuality and there were recognitions of it that stayed in the traditional law until the English destroyed traditional culture. The question was settled.
While I am certainly not Catholic or even an adherent to any form of Abrahamaism I hope that you do keep doing what you are doing because I have lots of friends who are Catholic and need people like you.

...and the band played on.
Eventually they'll see the only people dancing are intrinsically disordered heterosexual/celibate types.
Just might take a generation or two.

You know I love what you do....

The battle for equality in the Catholic Church will probably be over within my lifetime. We'll have women priests, married priests and openly gay priests. Popes, cardinals and bishops who are sexually obsessed with the placement of the American penis during sex will be shooed out of the bedrooms of American Catholics and will die off.

I hope so, but I'm not too confident on your timeline. What gives you so much hope?

Read the Knights of Columbus poll that I linked. The real Catholics, especially the young have already made up their minds. The church is an institution that survives on money that will not come its way in the near future.

In a similar report from Pew Trust (which coincidentally came out at exactly the same time as the KoC report), it states that 64% of Millennials believe in God but only 45% state that "religion is important." I noted that similar ratios maintain across age groups. The church is losing its authority. The Information Age has given us ability to discern for ourselves; those who need certainty still align with authority. The new church that will prosper will be a fellowship of equals, exactly what Tony is proposing here.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | March 4, 2010 9:41 PM

The beginning of the end was television and "Mass for Shut Ins" on Sunday mornings in black and white. ;)

Father Tony, I am happy for your faith, and hope you are right about the changeover in the attitudes of the American Church and the Holy See. Not so necessarily because I would become an adherent but for the good an enlightened religion could provide.

Meanwhile,if you are called a heretic, an apostate and an antiChrist we all consider the source first.

Know what you mean about not joining another church. Why bother? Not to insult others, but Joyce has a line from one of his characters who asks "I heard you became a Protestant." And the reply was "I lost my faith, not my self-respect."
As only an Irishman/woman would dare say.

And am not really sure about "unam sanctam catholicam et apostolicam ecclesiam" but the old:
"Procul recedant somnia et noctium phantasmata;
hostemque nostrum comprime,ne polluantur corpora*" or things that go bump in the night and keep those hands on top of the blanket are good lines to make any Trendtine Twit blanch.

*Compline - "Te lucis ante terminum..."