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Banana Hammocks Now Made From Bananas

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The aussiebum-banana-underwear-5-thumb-500x372-10306.jpgAustralian underwear company hailed for making the "wonderbra" for men have unveiled a new line of underwear created from banana plant textiles. Ecouterre reports:

A world's first, the made-in-Australia men's unmentionables comprise 27 percent banana fiber (made from the bark weave of the plant), 64 percent organic cotton, and 9 percent Lycra. This combo, according to company spokesman Lloyd Jones, makes for a fabric that's lightweight yet absorbent.

"Naturally, you can't really add anymore banana fiber than that because it might be a bit squishy," says Jones. And although the skivvies give "banana hammock" a whole new meaning, they don't actually smell like bananas, so you won't have to fend off snack-happy monkeys from your nethers.

We'd still keep our eyes peeled, though, if we were you.

I'm all in favor of more eco-friendly underwear. Especially if they come with the hunk in the video after the jump (no nudity, but possibly nsfw).

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beergoggles | March 13, 2010 12:46 PM

What's eco-unfriendly with fully cotton undies?

Granted, I use coconut fiber and cotton blend sheets on my bed, but that's because the sheets feel better and there is less piling than fully cotton sheets, not because making a natural fiber blend is more eco-friendly than just having one type of natural fiber in it.

Cotton is a terrible crop that poisons land, destroys, families, and ruins thousands of years of evolution.

Monsanto, famous for their GMO monstrosities like Round-up Ready Corn, GMO Soy, and on and on, decided the natural cotton seed was not good enough.

They fucked with the cotton seed genetics so that it had to be poisoned with their pesticides before it would grow, then pushed it on Indian cotton farmers.

Once you farm with a Monsanto product it destroys your land. You can't plant anything else one it because the poison will kill it. Farmers are prohibited from saving seed, so they have to buy the Monsanto seed year after year after year, for ever.

The chemicals Monsanto forces on farmers causes cancer to both the farmer, and the end user.

Indians, who were accustomed to saving seed from generation to generation, found they could no longer profit from cotton farming, but rather were quickly going into debt like so many American farmers stuck in the Corn racket. The cotton seed farmers are killing themselves at alarming rates. They see death as the way out of the Monsanto madness. They are probably right. Monsanto has the courts stacked (including our Supreme Court,) they have governments stacked, and where they don't they are working on it.

The EU has avoided Monsanto's doom so far, but Monsanto is working very hard to take over that market too.

This is how it can be fixed, 1) Demand food and clothing labels for GMO products. 2) Buy non-gmo food and clothing. Organic is non-gmo. All Trader Joe's Brand is non-gmo. 3) Avoid the worst of the GMO products to be safe, corn, soy, cotton-seed.

Now that you know, it is criminal not to tell others. Visit http://www.organicconsumers.org/monlink.cfm to learn more.

Isn't this underwear made from organic cotton?

A. J. Lopp | March 13, 2010 1:18 PM

Remember Leviticus?

Remember how God hates shrimp?

And remember how God hates "mixed fibers"?

This underwear is obviously the work of the Devil!

You're gonna ... go ... to ... Hell ... when you die!

Just sayin'.

I agree with everything Joe said about crops and such.

On the other hand isn't this ad propping up an unattainable stereotype about male beauty? ;)

Also from Leviticus, do you seperate your garden veggies? Do you have a handrail around your roof? If not woe is thee!!!!!! Bring your flame proof longjohns with you when you die!!!!!
There is a lot of good truth written in the Bible, also a lot of nonsense created not by GOD, but by man!!!!!!!! The way in which and by whom the Bible was translated causes most of the problem!!!!! Politicians and power hungry despots should stay out of religion and religion should stay away from the same!!!!
Sorry, I did not intend to hijack your thread!!! I am with you about Monsanto!!!! Kori