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Contest: 5 autographed copies of Unfriendly Fire

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Who's the expert that all of the television networks are calling for their segments on Don't Ask Don't Tell? Dr. Nathaniel Frank, Senior Research Fellow at the UCLA Palm Center and author of Unfriendly Fire.

Unfriendly_fire_nathaniel_frank.jpgUnfriendly Fire became a staple for anyone who wanted to learn more about gays in the military right after it was published. Last week, the paperback edition was released and we've got 5 autographed copies to give away to Projectors.

With DADT repeal heating up dramatically lately, you'll want your own copy of Dr. Frank's book so you can be the smart & timely guest at cocktail parties. You'll be able to hold forth on all the finer points of gays in the military and it'll all be thanks to Unfriendly Fire.

To win, just leave a comment on this post. You can only enter once and please use a valid e-mail address so I can contact you if you win. Any duplicate entries submitted will be deleted. Contest ends on Thursday, March 11 at noon (12pm) Eastern.

After the jump is video of an interview I did with Dr. Frank in early February. We talk about DADT repeal and the upcoming paperback release of his book.

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This looks great. I'm adding it to my reading list.

looks very interesting but finances dictate that I may have to wait for it at the library.

Daniel SanGiacomo | March 9, 2010 8:47 PM

I can't wait for the ban to be lifted, i want to join the military as an officer and support our country.

I won a Bilerico contect once (well, actually, I didn't, but I benefited from the Great Bilerico Soap Drive which was way more than winning a contect) so I won't consider this an entry. I do want to make a comment, though.

After serving with the Army in Afghanistan and hearing the way soldiers talk, especially their derogatory use of words like gay and homo (this is a very much over-simplified statement), I can only hope DADT is ended and soon. I think it would be a great benefit for joes like the ones I served with to have to learn to live with open homosexuals. I wish I could be there to see it. Perhaps I'll have to sign up again.

Margaretpoa Margaretpoa | March 9, 2010 9:18 PM

I'll enter! Heck I got an OTH by having the bad timing to be thrown out a couple of years BEFORE DADT. Maybe I can get something out of it?
Thanks for offering the books.

I would love to read this one myself. I would really love for my son to read it since a recruiter has been at him to join.

Looks like an interesting read.

Thank you to Dr. Nathaniel Frank, the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) and all the others who aren't in the military but are fighting to show the injustice of the law we often call "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." As an active duty servicemember, I am slowly becoming hopeful that I will see the repeal of DADT before I retire.

I have no doubt the military and the nation will be better off once we put this law behind us and we are able to put "Unfriendly Fire" in the history section instead of the current events section. I have no regrets fighting for my country and wearing the uniform. What I do regret is that my country has forced me to live a lie in order to defend it.

Future generations will look back on this law in shame and confusion. Gays have always served in the military, and will continue to do so; this is our country too! Open service by gays in the military will happen, but cannot happen soon enough. The sooner we repeal DADT, the better our nation will be judged in the history books.

We truly need more current gay and lesbian themed informational, and inspirational books such as this one.
Would be terriffic to get a copy!!

Ooh this has been on my reading list for a while! I haven't had a chance to so far because of the amount of literature I read for classes, but maybe this will make for interesting reading over spring break. :-)

the_czarina the_czarina | March 9, 2010 10:59 PM

if the quality of our comments are considered, i've lost already:)
if it's a random drawing, it's all in the odds.
but, F* it, i'm in!

Michael F. | March 9, 2010 11:05 PM

That looks like it would be a good book to read.

Already have an autographed copy, so I'm only posting to say that Nathaniel and Palm Center director Aaron Belkin are just about the only two sane voices left among prominent gays re DADT as so many others are either still making excuses for the President sitting on his hands while repeal gasps for air in Congress or have suddenly been possessed by the spirit of Neville Chamberlain causing them to surrender to Secretary of DEFENSE OF DADT Robert Gates and his phony "study." Has some Pentagon Dr. Strangelove drugged the water supply in DC such that they can't see that Gates' "study" is but an attempt to run out the clock until November midterms after which repeal will, by most accounts, be legislatively impossible?

"Poppies, poppies will make them sleep."

I would be interested in reading this book.

win win win win win

Looks awesome. Great interview. It's far past time to end DADT

I was a university Spanish language classmate and acquaintance of a guy who subsequently joined the military and was training in Korean language. He was dismissed under DADT. DADT is such a waste of talent.

Lynn Miller | March 10, 2010 2:22 AM

I think a lot of people (myself included) will want this book.

I'm feeling decently lucky this week so going to give this a whirl. Hopefully I'll be inspired to grab a copy even if I don't snag one here.

Looks interesting and I'd love to have one!

I definitely will have to read this book even if I'm not lucky enough to win. :)

I just find it more and more mind-boggling how our supposed "superior military" just cant get its head around something that almost everyone else in the industrialized world has accepted: that gays and lesbians make just as good cannon fodder as heterosexuals. You'd think, considering the vehemence that some of the retired brass has brought to the discussion, they'd want us even more, so they wouldnt have to put all those pure, upright, heterosexual young men in harm's way. Oddly, the thought never seems to have crossed their minds.

keep up the good work SDLN

I am really stoked about reading this. Would be even nicer if I got one for free :-)

weakening the imperialist machine that is the united states! i think that is great! so explain to me again why we should be putting energy into ending 'dont as dont tell' when we really should be putting energy into dismantling the war machine?

This book looks excellent, I would love to read this. Plus, I'm really sick right now and would love to have something to do.

Sara MacSorley | March 10, 2010 10:08 AM

I can't wait to read this book, it looks great.

I read this book that I borrowed from a friend
of mine but I need to replace it since I accidentally dropped it in the tub! So I hope I win :)

Throw my name into the box for the drawing to win "Unfriendly Fire".

J. P. Minsinger

[email protected]

That's one downside to e-books: you can't have them signed!

I'd love to be considered for the contest as well. I was just considering ordering this on Amazon, but I'll wait till Thursday just in case ;)

A. J. Lopp | March 10, 2010 2:10 PM

If Obama was serious, he could issue a "stop-loss" executive order right now, temporarily invalidating DADT due to the emergency of two concurrent wars --- but instead, we are "studying" the situation yet again, instead of getting this change through Congress right now when we are most likely to have the votes. Obama dangled a carrot at us, and got our votes in 2008 --- but now that we know his act, not sure the same routine will work for him in 2012.

Sounds wonderful :)

I'd love a copy of this book! I want to share it with my retired Air Force dad and my best friend from college who is a Colonel in the Army and a VERY right-wing Republican. Unbelievably we're still friends after 25 years and me coming-out. He doesn't believe in gay marriage but sent me a $200 when I got married in 2008. There's still HOPE for him!
This book may help win him over.

Have had an interest in Gays in the Military for a number of years and have book on my want list.

I have quite a few friends that are in the armed forces that are unable to be public about their status. I wonder how long that's going to last.

mattincinci | March 11, 2010 8:36 AM

this would go great with the other book i won but my luck isnt that good lol i know i'll have to buy this one

After listening to the interview, I'm really looking forward to reading Frank's book.

I've been reading biblical criticism and gay history for some you tube videos. I'd like to do a short video on gays in the military and this book would be perfect for it.