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Dove 'No Homo Mayor' Ministries: "Homosexuals Hate Free Speech"

Filed By Waymon Hudson | March 30, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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More crazy ranting from a pastor at Gainesville, Florida's Dove World Outreach Center, the church that is on a mission to oppose openly gay Mayoral Candidate Craig Lowe. Pastor Luke Jones is mad that the church's "No Homo Mayor" video got yanked from youtube by the evil gays. Jones spins debunked claims of gays being disease-carrying pedophiles in his latest video, capping the rant off with:

homosexuality is a sin that should be punished by death.

Stay classy, Dove Church... I'm not "attacking" your free speech rights (as odious as that speech may be). I do, however, take issue with your tax-free political speech. Say what you want, but you should have to pay taxes for entering the political arena.

It is always amazing to me how people like the pastors at Dove Ministries whine about their free speech being taken away when all we are doing is exercising our same rights.

2.jpgFree speech is a two way street, Pastor Jones.

You can rant and rave all you want- and we get to call you out and shine a light on your bigotry and hate. It may come as a shock to you, but rational, fair-minded people most likely will not side with your "fag & homo"-laden rants with calls of "death to homos." There are consequences for that free speech you are spewing.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

So as long as you and folks like you spew your hate, we'll be here to point it out. We'll point out the ramifications of your words- the violence they incites, the fear and misinformation they spreads, and what those words say about your values.

(h/t Joe.My.God. for the video)

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I just can't help but feel that he is uneducated in all ways but street wise.He's not judging but claims that 80% of gay males have venereal diseases.He says he is only using the word of god but for some reason I can't ever remember reading in the bible that 80% of gay men have VD.I guess the saying is right you can't fix stupid.

I just can't help but feel that he is uneducated in all ways but street wise.He's not judging but claims that 80% of gay males have venereal diseases.He says he is only using the word of god but for some reason I can't ever remember reading in the bible that 80% of gay men have VD.I have come to the conclusion that one saying from the right is correct you can't fix stupid.

Juston Thouron Juston Thouron | March 30, 2010 5:32 PM

I have long thought that the LGBT rights movement will eventually give birth to a truly secular country. One cannot oppose our equality without utilizing a religious argument to justify that position. In other words, there are no demonstrably valid secular reasons for our exclusion.

This will be the result, not of separating church and state, but of erecting barriers between church and state. And to accomplish this, religion has to be removed, not from the public square, so to speak (where freedom of speech rules), but from the public laws with which we all cooperate and the institutions by which we Americans work, live and govern ourselves, together. Religion is a matter of private conscience, and yes our laws should protect that freedom but it also must protect freedom from religion of any and all kinds, everywhere in the United States.

Not to sound like an alarmist, but I have always thought that we have had a much larger fight on our hands than anyone realizes. To sum up, getting and keeping our equality will require kicking religion out of the law books and non-private institutions of our country once and for all.

Everyone who defines America as a secular country, everyone who wants to live in such a country, will have us to thank for guiding them towards its final establishment.

We will have much to be proud of then.

The Christian message for us is extermination.
The Christian message is also that science is Satanic when it does not agre with the bible.

Eric Rudolf, hero of the Christian Right, blew up a gay club with a bomb. He was following the Christian message.

Where did you get the idea what we do not live in relationships? Where did you get your flawed figure on having sex with minors?

I am married, yes, married. I have a wife. I have a job. I have no STD's.

And if only your religious faith keeps you from being a child rapist and murderer, I feel sorry for you and I fear for those around you when you slip, rape children and murder people. Sad man you are.

but haven't you heard? Free speech is for me and people who think like me, not for anyone else! It's like how Sarah Palin's free speech rights were being trampled when people dared to criticize her, because obviously they didn't agree with her.

Renee Thomas | March 30, 2010 9:18 PM

That young man has a rage bottled up inside him that should give all thinking people of good will reason for pause. I don't know how much clearer it need be said?

Memo to some (but certainly not all) Christians.

Here's the real deal dude . . .

1. We do not - in any way - wish to subvert your faith - those of us who represent every other faith (and no-faith) on the planet could honestly care less.

2. What we do want is to be left alone to look after ourselves and our families and make our way in the world free of the effects of your intolerance and your ignorance.

3. We would like the phrase "with freedom and justice for all" to actually mean something for a change.

4. And I would add, as a personal note, that it would be really swell if you'd go back and reread the Sermon on the Mount again . . . and really pay attention this time.

Now then, sorry I interrupted you, please return to that persuasive argument for why I should now believe in the Jesus you're selling.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State have filed a compaint with the IRS asking it to investigate the Dove Church political activities.

These people are psychotic and dangerous.

Um, could he do his next installment shirtless?

SammySeattle | March 31, 2010 1:25 PM

Um, dude, that hairstyle was invented by a gay man. Just ask Waymon.

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