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Duchess, the Policy Puppy, Says No

Filed By Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | March 13, 2010 1:00 PM | comments

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Why is Duchess the Policy Puppy so sad? Because it's the weekend, and yet she has to work her paws to the bone to get the message out about her friend ENDA.

Seems that the dastardly Speaker of the House, Cruella de Ville, she won't let ENDA out of the House. No treats for her!

Well, Duchess, sit up and dry those tears. Mommy's going to dial that phone and give Nancy a piece of her mind.

You and mommy are going to call Nancy Pelosi on Monday and tell her to stop being so mean. Then she'll see who's boss. Keeping that nice ENDA trapped in the House?! No way!

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I'd like to give Dutchess a big shmush because she's so adorable.

I'd like to give Nancy Pelosi a big brushoff because she's so useless.

Same here, Gina! It's Saturday, and we're not allowed to post anything too serious on Bilerico or we get noogies. This would be close to the line except that puppies are never wrong on a weekend post.

This is Pelosi's secret weakness too: puppy pics.

Yes, a little known fact: Thursday is Puppies4ENDA lobby day.


Is that your pup?? And if so, OMG, how do you survive living with so much cuteness?

What I want to know, is Duchess name for the famed NY lesbian bar? It's spelled the same way.

OMG how cute is that puppy! What is it's breed! I want one!

Which breed is that!!!??