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Freedom of conscience for me, not for thee

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I have no idea why anyone in the government takes advice from these people. Catholic Americans don't, and for good reason:

Preble Street's Homeless Voices for Justice program has lost $17,400 this year and will lose $33,000 that it expected for its next fiscal year.

Officials with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland and the Washington-based Catholic Campaign for Human Development say that Preble Street violated its grant agreement by supporting Maine's "No on 1" campaign last fall.[...]

During the campaign leading up to the referendum in November, Preble Street was listed as a coalition partner on the "No on 1/Protect Maine Equality" Web site.[...]

He said Preble Street decided to join the coalition that opposed Question 1 because issues of sexual orientation are the single greatest cause of homelessness among youths.

There you go. They put their org's name on a list on a website and the homeless need to be punished. Of course, if this were the other way around, and a Catholic charity was forced to follow basic civil rights legislation to receive public funds, the Church would be screaming about how oppressed they are.

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yeah i read this in this mornings paper...

typical. and cause me to further wonder why any gay is still catholic? like seriously? what's the deal? you don't see gay's desperately trying to be part of fred phelps church, why would they want to be part of the catholic church?

same shit, different story...

The core of the issue, to me, is that a social justice group must volunteer to be muzzled in order to accept Catholic funds.

Catholics need to understand that that they're supporting the muzzle when they donate to the church's social justice projects.

Non-profits need to avoid funds with purity pledges attached.

I spelled the details out here.