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Jerame and I are starting our road trip to South By South West today and while I'm gone you'll have a new Bilerico to kick around.* Contributor Joe Mirabella has volunteered to be me while I'm gone.

I'll be shooting some video and taking lots of pictures on the drive and I'll check in each night to comment and look around, but I'm looking forward to the break from the blog for a couple of days. It'll be a nice chance to spend some time roadtripping with Jerame instead of sitting in front of my computer. I'll be updating Twitter and Facebook from my phone so add me there if you'd like to follow along.

scolding.jpgSince Joe's stepping into my shoes, I expect Projectors to give him the full Bilerico treatment and give him the entire ration of shit y'all give me on a daily basis. Don't hold back. Remember a third of you love him, a third of you hate him, and the other third doesn't care as long as the half-to-mostly-naked celebrity posts continue.

*No, that doesn't mean that Alex won't be here. He'll still be doing all the real work like editing and scheduling posts. Joe's taking my place; he'll spend his time instant messaging Alex, Phil Reese and Austen Crowder, talking to Jillian Weiss on the phone, and then, after realizing he's wasted all day "communicating," he'll write a post about a shirtless celebrity.

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Hi Joe!!! Glad that you're filling in!!! Got your tinfoil hat and asbestos coveralls ready?

So what should I do since I fit in all three groups? LOL

Rob,great question. Punch me in the gut. Give me a hug. Then ask to see me without my shirt on.

Being Bil is not easy....

Ha! Proof that I'm the wildcard of Bilerico!


Sarasnavel | March 11, 2010 5:25 PM

Joe, step away from the Trans stories.

Nah, it just doesn't feel right...

Safe travels and have fun, Bil.