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Karl Rove: Dad wasn't gay he just liked pierced dicks

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Just when you think Karl Rove couldn't get any douchier, he goes and raises the bar. In a recent Today Show interview with Matt Lauer to promote Rove's new book, the former presidential adviser claims that he had no clue his father was gay. family-guy-karl-rove.jpgMaybe the 37 cock piercings made of solid gold could have given pause, but if not, Karl was the only one.

Louis Rove moved to Palm Springs and befriended other retired gay men. He drank and socialized at the Rainbow Cactus and the Martini Burger and became part of a group of gay men who referred to themselves as "The Old Farts Club." According to his close friend of many years, retired insurance executive Joseph Koons, Louis Rove was one of the best people he knew and that both Louis and his son Karl were comfortable with the father's sexual orientation.
The zealousness with which Rove and [outed former RNC Chairman Ken] Mehlman pursue an anti-gay agenda for political utility suggests more than just an ambition to win elections. Students of Freud might be able to artfully deconstruct their behavior but even lay analysts can see a bit of repression and self-loathing at work. Maybe Rove has a desire to get back at his father for leaving his mother when he "chose" to be gay.

Rove left his father's funeral and promptly put in place a plan for the Republicans to win massive majorities by fueling anti-gay sentiments. He was the mastermind behind the push for a federal anti-marriage amendment.

Video of the interview and a picture of Louis Rove's pierced penis from a 1983 cover of Piercing Fans International Quarterly after the jump.

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Wilson46201 | March 8, 2010 1:11 PM

the phrase "wretched excess" springs to mind ...

A pierced dick certainly isn't proof of being gay. But Karl Rove gets the Lee Atwater bad karma award for opportunistic evil. Moreover, his claim how "family issues" should be divorced from public policy is just disgusting. He basically spit on the grave of the man who raised him (and who he claims he loves). To then go ahead and deny his father's core truth just to avoid public accusations of hypocrisy on his own part makes him a loathsome, amoral toad... but then, toads don't deserve such a vile insult.

OMG that pierced penis will haunt my dreams! I don't think I'll ever look at a willie the same again!

The horror... the horror...

Now I've had some serious hardware in my hands (fetish models, back rooms, craigslist postings) in the past but nothing that compares to this.

Uh, I'm sorry if I seem ignorant, but how does that guy pee? Sorry - I just gotta know.

And the metal detector goes boom!

Jeez, he makes Dick Cheney seem human by comparison.

A. J. Lopp | March 8, 2010 11:04 PM

... imagine finding that in your cash-4-gold envelope ... OMG!

He misses the point. There is a difference between "political attacks" and understanding the motivations of powerful public figures (including those elected to office, judges, etc.). Rove's warped psychology and resultant hatred of gay people is an important issue. His unconscious (or conscious) motives play out in OUR public policy. Would it not be important to avoid having a President who was paranoid? .... Oh, yeah...I would have been. People using public authority to advance their personal agenda rather than those of the people should be avoided. After all, they are called "representatives," not personal advocates. Rove's issues with his gay father are pertinent because he takes the stand that in US society gay people should be discriminated against and treated unfairly. It is his way of trying to "undo" his past and destroy the father who he believes "killed" his mother.

Bill, I'm curious... Where is that quote from, and who said it? Also; that PFIQ pic? How do we know it's Rove, Sr.'s dick? Was he named in the caption, the piece, or...? I'm not doubting you Bill - it's just as I forward this around the globe, I wanna make sure my pals don't doubt me! :)

The blockquote comes from a Huffington Post piece - it's the first link in my post.

The magazine cover comes from the mag. Louis Rove was the feature for that issue. His dick was on the front cover and there's a lengthy interview with him inside. He identifies himself by name in the article.

OMG look at that cock. thats crazy and this might look ignorant but how do he have sex with all that stuff on and how do he beat off???? sorry i just got to know how

I guess being a guy with a pierced penis I can answer the couple of non-politcal questions--- a guy pees the same way, however urine does come out of the holes where the rings are (not the studs) so chances are he always peed sitting down. As far as having sex- he probably would need to double condom or chances are he didn't have sex, as most people are nervous about one or two penis orniments inside them. You can always find a way to get yourself off--- hehe